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rmuit seems party_vcarddav in 2.6 has a number of problems14:20
udonocedk, bechamel, nicoe: Hi, is there some meeting point planned for the early birds of TUL2012 tonight?14:22
rmuspeaking of TUL, i will be the opposite of early bird, my train arrives at 8:44, so i will probably be a wee bit late ;-)14:25
nicoeudono: like last year:
udonormu: so your meeting point is the seminar room in the youth hostle14:25
udononicoe: Thanks! Oh, its time to start to study the 65 pages of beer in the menu:
nicoeudono: indeed there is a lot of choice (it's the main reason why we go there)14:31
cedric_scilDoes anyone knows how to format a numeric field in a jsonrpc request (for write/create)?14:32
udonocedric_scil: maybe you can learn from the client communication and acticate the rpc logging see tryton --help14:34
cedric_scilIndeed, lot more confortable than looking in source code. Thanks :)14:36
rmuI debugged webdav-stuff16:36
rmuand noticed that ConfigDAV in trytond/protocols/ doesn't do what it's supposed to16:36
rmu*wondering* if this ever worked for anybody?16:37
rmuwill create issue and fix16:37
Bryanchongmay i know which ide is good to modify or develop tryton?17:34
cedkBryanchong: your prefered editor17:35
rmuBryanchong: komodo is supposed to be a very good python ide... but I think most people just use emacs or vim17:43
Bryanchongcedk & rmu: thank you.17:47
cedkBryanchong: you can not expect to have too much auto-completion etc. with Tryton because of the modularity of the object, introspection should not work well17:50
Bryanchongnow i'm reading the wiki page "installation on fedora", why no need to download and start the trytond services?18:03
Bryanchongor the page is not complete yet?18:04
cedkBryanchong: the wiki page is old and was written before fedora packaged Tryton18:05
Bryanchongi just check the fedora including in it. thanks cedk.18:08
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