IRC logs of #tryton for Sunday, 2012-11-18 #tryton log beginning Sun Nov 18 00:00:01 CET 2012
sisalphello, I have a problem with this dependecy : PyWebDAV>=0.9.812:35
sisalpaptèget install and pip install, both don't install so uptodate version12:36
sisalpI get 0.93 or 0.9.4, but never 0.9812:37
cedksisalp: it is strange, perhaps an other package block the upgrade12:39
sisalppip install PyWebDAV>=0.9.8 doesn't complain12:40
sisalpbut pip freeze show on ubuntu 11.0412:41
cedksisalp: append -U12:41
sisalppip install -U PyWebDAV>=0.9.8 not better12:44
cedksisalp: and pip install -U PyWebDAV==0.9.812:46
sisalpok got it right Thank you12:47
cedksisalp: I think I got your issue, you must put "" arround package selection because > is redirection12:48
sisalpprobably, I will revisit this part thx12:48

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