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cjbarnes18I think that did the trick :)03:09
cjbarnes18night all o/03:26
ivangarciahello, anybody can help me with some class not getting properly initialized in the Pool database?04:39
rmuivangarcia: which version of tryton are you using?10:45
ivangarciarmu: i am using 2.611:03
ivangarciai fixed that issue in because in the Pool.Register function the module parameter was not correct11:04
ivangarciaand tryton didn't show any warning about not finding the module11:04
ivangarciaonly some not table found when accessing the .xml11:04
ivangarciarmu: when i was trying the 2.6 i noted many bugs/improvements and I wonder if should I submit 1 bug per each or talk to u guys first before somebody get mad :-)11:07
ivangarciarmu: i intend to fix them also11:07
rmuso your problem with the Pool is solved?11:17
ivangarciahi, everybody, i'm trying to show a tree_view in Tryton but I get this error, , any help pls?13:17
rmuthis pad is empty?13:28
ivangarciahello, i'm having problems to show a listing in a new module15:56
ivangarciai'm getting this error
cedkivangarcia: the pad is still empty15:59
ivangarciacedk: i sent u a private chat since i can't paste online, my connection really bad16:09
ivangarciacedk: it was firewall issue, now i could upload it to pastebin
ivangarciacedk: this is the class
cedkivangarcia: what is the exception16:13
ivangarciacedk: inside Tryton, when I click on Listings....Residents...16:15
ivangarciait shows this...16:15
cedkivangarcia: you copy miss the last line with the exception16:16
ivangarciacedk: uploading16:17
cedkivangarcia: your are using "auroville.people" in XML and "people.people" in python code16:31
ivangarciacedk: omg, that's right...16:39
ivangarciamaybe some warning or error more explicit would help? i'd try to create bugs reporting that and maybe fixing it16:39
ivangarciacedk: thanks16:40
ivangarciacedk: btw, i have a list of small improvements for 2.7 that I could report.... i'll try to paste it to u first to give me ur opinion16:41
ivangarciaif that's ok, i'll create bugs of each element and when i get to know more the core of Tryton, try to submit patches16:42
ivangarciawith hreview16:43
cedkivangarcia: most of them will not be changed but some should be good improvements16:53
cedkivangarcia: and some could not be modified because of the design16:53
cedkivangarcia: but in any case, you should report one by one on the bugtracker and not all in one16:55
ivangarciathks cedk.17:42
ivangarciagotta go17:42
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