IRC logs of #tryton for Wednesday, 2012-12-05 #tryton log beginning Wed Dec 5 00:00:02 CET 2012
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zodmandudes it this a bug ? the taxes lines not view clear.22:32
zodmanforget it ...  its issue knowed
cedkzodman: what is you theme engine?22:40
zodmantheme +gtk22:44
zodmani will try to change it for get the fix22:45
zodmancedk:  the widget it is one2Many .. what gtk widget use?22:46
cedkzodman: but it is a gtk3 theme!22:47
zodman:o that the reason22:48
cedkzodman: no, I mean it is not the theme you are using for Tryton as it is GTK222:50
zodmanok cedk22:53
cedkzodman: I'm working on a work arround, but I will need you to test as I never had this issue on my laptop22:55
cedkzodman: I just dcc you a patch23:00
cedkzodman: could you test it on tryton23:01
zodmanissue2913  fixes with your patch ...23:01
zodmanooooooooh i missed23:01
zodmanof course23:01
zodmandcc again23:01
cedkzodman: done23:01
zodmanthe firewall block the transfer23:02
zodmancan you post it on dpaste.com23:02
zodmangetting it.23:08
zodman it works cedk23:09
zodmanlet me change the gtk theme to adwita23:10
zodman yeap it works ...23:11
cedkzodman: ok, but I would like to use a better height than the default Entry23:14
zodmanthe height it is the (gtk.Entry().size_request()[1] * 3)23:17
rmuzodman: scrapper had the same issue23:17
zodmanoh yes
cedkzodman: could you test the scrapper setting23:20
zodmanyes ...23:21
zodmanlet me revert the patch23:21
zodmanlet me logout23:23
zodman_gsettings not work23:26
cedkzodman: could you try with: UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=0 LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR=023:27
cedkzodman: as env variable23:27
zodman_of cource23:27
zodman_the env works ced23:28
cedkzodman_: great23:28
zodman_let me show to us.23:28
zodman_the scrollbar looks the normal23:29
cedkzodman_: ok23:29
zodmanwell,  one mistery less23:32
cedkzodman: could you test the patch
cedkzodman: without any special env etc.23:38
zodmanof course23:41
cedkzodman: just updated for fix23:43
cedkzodman: could you put on review23:45
cedkzodman: thanks23:45
zodmancedk: i will check on unity too23:46

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