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OdichaI opened a bug about building win32 client & 8 bit colors (rdp), but it's a pygtk bundle error (some kind of regression)00:34
Odichabug is closed as invalid, but I'd like to add some info00:34
Odichais that posible (and right)??00:34
cedkOdicha: add if you want00:36
Odichamainly it seems to be a regression in some gtk libs, because using pygtk bundle from gnome it works fine on 2.24.0 and fails on  2.24.1 & 2.24.200:37
OdichaOk. I'll do it.00:38
cedkOdicha: but keep the state as we can not fix GTK lib00:40
Odichaok of course.. invalid. Only as info if someone finds the same error... So it's a must using 2.24.000:44
PilouOdicha: is there an upstream bug ?00:49
Odicha....from 200700:50
OdichaIt seems it appears and dissapears... :)00:50
OdichaPilou: It's a gtk error 100% sure. If you run gtk-demo (it's included in bundle) it fails in same way as tryton: white text over white background01:20
Odicha2.24.1 and 2.24.2 fails on 8 bit colors01:21
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sharoonthomasanybody aware of copy..paste issues using the windows client ?09:54
udonosharoonthomas: Hi, yes, AFAIK specially line endings could make problems.10:26
sharoonthomasudono: i saw a bug report
udonosharoonthomas: unfortunately we have no patch or workaround so far.10:34
sharoonthomasudono: ok, I am not a gtk expert, so have to live with it I guess10:34
Pilousharoonthomas: about mac osx
udonosharoonthomas: I recognized the issue with a windows user who tried to copy and paste a password from an email into Tryton. For now I put always a space char after the password when mailing it to a user :-)10:37
sharoonthomasudono: ok, i wonder if its really a GTK problem or something specific to the tryton client10:37
sharoonthomasPilou: i gave up building the client since cedk published the new binary for 2.4 series few days back10:39
udonosharoonthomas: I think it is a Tryton problem, because I can not see a reason to restrict content of a field on gtk level.10:42
sharoonthomasudono: i think so too10:43
cedkyangoon1: WTF, why did you update translations ?11:01
psychoDadHi all! While compiling from tryton overlay (gentoo) it fails saying: "File "", line 272 // print "makensis.exe not found: installers can not be created, "\ ". Looks like a typo to me... any idea? should I check out from the hg repos?21:14
PiloupsychoDad: before this print statement there is 2 tests and the first is "if == 'nt'" (see )21:53
psychoDadI was AFK... just looked at it. Does it means that my python installation recognises my OS as nt?22:00
psychoDadsorry my poor english22:00
psychoDaduhm... checked at the python shell and it returns "posix"22:03

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