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cjbarnes18evening all o/01:51
iamnoobgood day, need someone to guide me please..06:48
iamnoobim trying to do the hello world exercise at
iamnoobi have made the , , and the hello.xml and put it unto the said directory..  when i run tryton.. and go into Administration/modules/ i cant find it there.. am i looking at the correct place? please help me out06:51
iamnoobok finally got it.. i just need to restart trytond.. being a noob really is a pain :)07:11
TelesightHello. I have read in the wiki that the translations are done locally. There is no central translation tool a the moment?14:59
cedkTelesight: translations are managed by translator leaders15:01
Telesightcedk: Ok. And how can I find out who is the leader for the Dutch language?15:04
cedkTelesight: there is none15:05
Telesightcedk: Then who was so kind to translate 2.6? I see there is a lot in Dutch translated ...15:08
cedkTelesight: hg log is your friend15:10
cedkTelesight: avdasar did the client15:14
Telesightcedl: Ok. I know a few Dutch guys here, but not this one ...15:15
cedkTelesight: of course we are looking for someone to take the lead of dutch translation15:16
Telesightcedk: I just finished 12.000 translations (Prestashop) ;-)15:17
cedkTelesight: we are about 6k but with a lot of duplicates15:19
cedkTelesight: and duplicate are managed by trytond15:19
Telesightcedk: With duplicates you mean for example the translation of "save"15:20
Telesightcedk: Is the 6k for all? admin, all modules, errors etcetera ?15:25
cedkTelesight: yes16:09
Telesightcedk: Yes on both questions I guess ...16:10
cedkTelesight: yes16:11
Telesightcedk: That is doable ...16:14
TelesightHello. Has there already been made a decision about how to create functional documentation? With Sphinx?19:16
udonoTelesight: Hi, we had a talk at TUL2012 about it. I presented the administration guide document you started and some tools from Albert from nan tic. I am happy to finish my resume next week...19:23
TelesightUduno: hello Udono :)19:24
Telesightuduno: so my documentation is still living ...19:25
Telesightudono:What tools does Albert have?19:25
udonoTelesight: and
TelesightUdono: Ok thanks.19:29
udonoTelesight: welcome19:30
TelesightUdono: What do you mean with your resume?19:30
udonoTelesight: my resume from the talk.19:30
TelesightUduno: Ah ok.19:30
TelesightUdono: documentation with google docs has a few severe restrictions19:32
udonoTelesight: Yes, I know.19:33
TelesightUduno: So I am afraid I have to learn Sphinx ...19:34
udonoTelesight: I think we need very different kinds of documentation. IMHO we need a good reference doc which could stand as a base for documentations like your administrator guide.19:47
udonoTelesight: the reference documentation should IMHO be a sphinx generated document, because it must be maintainable close to the code base.19:48
udonoTelesight: any further documentation can be in any format, since the Tryton project is not responsible. So there is no direct need for learning sphinx/restructuredText.19:50
TelesightUduno: I think it wise to use a format (like restructured text) that fits in the whole, and that can others handle too.20:08
risaQuestion - The company field inside a shipment or move doesn't show me any options even though I have several companies defined. Shouldn't that search window display all existing companies?21:21
cedkrisa: it shows only the current company of the user21:40
risaah, ok - thanks21:47

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