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TelesightUdono: You talked about reference documentation, what did exactly mean with that?18:27
udonoTelesight: something like this:
TelesightUdono: Ok thank you, this is directed to technical people ...18:40
udonoTelesight: why?18:41
udonoTelesight: I do not understand why this should be directed to technical people?18:42
Telesightudono: I do not know many "normal" people who know what the meaning of a CRUD matrix is, or fieldtypes :)18:47
udonoTelesight: the fieldtypes refering to the usage of each field type. Like using F2 and F3 in one2many fields, or how to use shortcuts in datetime fields...18:57
udonoTelesight: The CRUD Matrix will be explained later in res_group...18:58
Telesightudono: How must I understand it in comparence to this documentation?:
udonoTelesight: this documentation is for developer.18:59 is technical doc and aims to be functional doc19:00
udonoTelesight: But is really just a proposal which needed to be discussed.19:02
Telesightudono: Funny is that I used the for the administration documentation19:03
udonoTelesight: There are functional parts like and
udonoafk, see you19:05
Telesightudono:  Is the  a part of your summary or is this just a proposal?21:14
udonoTelesight: It is part of the summary and it was just a proposal on TUL2012.23:18
Telesightudono: Ah ok.23:18
Telesightudono: nice and structured ...23:19
Telesightudono: There is no TUL2012 video :-D otherwise I would have seen your talk ...23:21
udonoTelesight: it is autogenerated from a script23:21
Telesightudono: What is the origin?23:24
udonoTelesight: a script which introspects a tryton server with installed modules.23:25
Telesightudono: So it is more or less a status huge status report?23:27
udonoTelesight: ŷes, if you like it is  a kind of status report.23:27
Telesightudono: Very nice. An administration manual is also dependent on the modules you have installed (more or less a status ..)23:29
udonoTelesight: see you, good night.23:36
Telesightudono: see you later ...23:37

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