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apollo13hi, is there any history for the name of the project, eg why was it named tryton or what does it stand for? Or was it just generated randomly or something like that21:20
cedkapollo13: bechamel and I choose it21:23
apollo13and does it have anything to do with the greek god?21:24
cedkapollo13: it has many links: the greek god, the moon of saturn, the french name of newt and similarity with Python21:27
apollo13hmm, I like the name :)21:27
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coepsHi everybody, I am playing around with function fields vs. on change with etc.. Other than no storing in the database, is there another benefit of functionfields I do not understand yet?22:09
coepsit obviously puts load on the server, but will reduce size of the db and therefor ressources.22:10
coepsI can obviously achieve the same "result" with on_change_with than with get_functionfield method.22:11
cedkcoeps: if you can compute the value then storing it duplicate information22:19
cedkcoeps: so your database is no more normalized22:20
cedkcoeps: with on_change_with, it doesn't ensure that the value is always what will be computed22:20
cedkcoeps: because user could override the value22:20
coepsbut it seems not to be saved in the history when being computed. I would like to test the _history = True feature with a decimal value that was computed.22:21
coepscedk: by the way is that the reason why product.cost_price is stored as a
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cedkcoeps: it is a property because it must be different by company23:20
cedkcoeps: don't understand the question about _history23:20
coepscedk: I added the _history = True flag to a model, now the history_table was created.23:21
coepscedk: Now i would like to use that function field to be displayed like you did in product_history (as a graph) but the function field is not in the history table23:22
coepscedk: my guess: no history for function fields23:23
cedkcoeps: no you just have to compute it with the history data23:23
coepscedk: ahhh (could have guessed myself) thanks23:25
coepscedk: I get an error when rightclicking a record in an _unsaved_ referencelist (many2one).23:26
coeps  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/tryton-2.6.0-py2.7.egg/tryton/gui/window/view_form/model/", line 384, in get23:26
coeps    value = record.value.get(
coepscedk: the stack trace comes from tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/", line 626, in pop23:28
coeps    record_id = field.get(record)23:28
coepscedk: for some reason, the popup menu is displayed when I press the save button before. Even if I just add a record an cancel the action, the error pops up23:29
cedkcoeps: fill an issue23:30
coepscedk: ok, I'll do23:32

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