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iamnoobhi. im trying to add a Many2One field in res.user  , but it seems its not making the Column in the database..05:34
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deadkennyhi guys17:37
deadkennyI have an installation17:37
deadkennywith trytond17:37
deadkennywhen i am updating the modules17:37
deadkennyin the database17:38
deadkennyI run with this line17:38
deadkenny File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/trytond-2.6.0-py2.6.egg/trytond/modules/", line 156, in create_graph17:38
deadkenny    packages.append((module, info.get('depends', []),17:38
deadkennyUnboundLocalError: local variable 'info' referenced before assignment17:38
deadkennyI have installed a wrong module?17:38
cedkdeadkenny: with which command line?17:45
deadkennysudo trytond -c /usr/local/tryton/etc/trytond.conf.1 -u all -d trytondb17:53
plantianhi guys, it seems that the states attribute on the button element in XML are no longer valid17:56
deadkennythe error appears in line 15617:56
deadkennyof  trytond/modules/__init__.py17:56
deadkennythe code is:17:57
deadkenny   for module in module_list:17:57
deadkenny        try:17:57
deadkenny            info = get_module_info(module)17:57
deadkenny        except IOError:17:57
deadkenny            if module != 'all':17:57
deadkenny                raise Exception('Module %s not found' % module)17:57
deadkenny        packages.append((module, info.get('depends', []),17:57
deadkenny                info.get('extras_depend', []), info))17:57
deadkennyit seems that info is not getting info from module17:57
corroplantian: in 2.4, the button states are defined in the model. Here's an example:
corroplantian: have a look at for a list of all API changes.18:03
plantiancorro: Thanks, the migration does not list that change, I think it might actually be for 2.6?18:04
plantiancorro: So the buttons are matched by name between the python model attribute and the XML forms?18:04
plantianI think I am getting it.18:06
corroplantian: yes. The key in the self._buttons dict and the name in the xml must be the same.18:06
plantiancorro: I am trying to port this --
plantianSo I must add cancel key and done key in the _button dict.  Thanks.18:07
plantianAnd factor out permissions into separate xml declaration it seems.  I will just follow the stock's xml.18:07
cedkdeadkenny: probably a wrong permission on a tryton.cfg of one module18:08
corroplantian: yes, and don't forget about the workflow changes.18:08
deadkennycedk: thanks I'm testing installing one module at a time18:11
deadkennyI have a question18:36
deadkennywhen installing tryton18:36
deadkennyI have unpacked the tryton.tar.gz18:38
deadkennyafter configuring the database and all18:39
deadkennyI have register the modules right?18:39
deadkennyin order to them to appear18:39
deadkennyand ...18:40
deadkennythe parameter of sudo trytond -c /usr/local/tryton/etc/trytond.conf.1 -u all -d trytondb18:41
deadkennythe -d18:41
deadkennyis the posgresql database for all the tryton system18:41
deadkennythat enables the modules for all the registered "databases" instances in that tryton system right?18:42
deadkennysorry guys but I m a bit lost18:42
ivangarciau don't need 'sudo' i believe18:44
ivangarciathe -u all will update all the modules found in the modules folder of tryton18:45
ivangarciau can use --init=all at the first instance18:45
ivangarciato generate the admin user and all that18:45
deadkennythanks ivangarcia18:49
deadkennyI will try that as well18:49
deadkennythe -u all have given me an error18:49
deadkennythats why I started module by module18:49
plantian(in the stock module) How is the complete_lines method on the Inventory model classes connected to the complete_lines button in the xml and _buttons attribute?21:05
cedkplantian: same name22:51
plantiancedk: Okay, thanks.22:52

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