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rmui'm wondering what is the purpose of Production.set_moves? isn't it kind of duplicated functionality of explode_bom?14:40
cedkrmu: explode_bom is for on_change and set_moves for record14:43
cedkrmu: but if you can merge both, it will be great14:44
rmucedk: set_moves seems to be only used from stock_supply_production, or am i mis-grepping?14:47
cedkrmu: that's probably right, it is the only place for now that create production order I guess14:48
rmui will try to merge the computation of inputs/outputs for my rounding-issue14:52
rmucedk: explode_bom/set_moves should also be the place to hook something like phantom products?14:56
plantianhey guys, I'm suddenly having a lot of weird issues, can anyone see something wrong with this --
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plantianTurns out the sale_line must be connected to the parent before the product is set.  I don't really understand it but nevermind about my problem.21:03
cedkplantian: otherwise on_change for price, taxes etc can not work22:29
rei4danHi! I'm wondering how this whole tryton thing is supposed to work.. I managed to install tryton client, daemon and some modules, I can connect to postresql, but I don't see anything useful there (neither do I see how to put something useful in there) and documentation is exceedingly sparse so doesn't help much22:32
rei4dancedk, that is what I meant by sparse.. I have covered it, it is set up.. how do I get an inventory in DB?22:33
cedkrei4dan: Stock>Inventory22:34
rei4danI have the module installed, but I don't see it in the client at all22:37
cedkrei4dan: you must active the modules for the DB22:38
rei4danadmin has a bunch of management options in the menu, but I created a user and when connected with it there are nothing in the menu22:38
cedkrei4dan: go in Adminstration>Modules>Modules22:39
cedkrei4dan: mark the modules you want "for installation"22:39
cedkrei4dan: then run the wizard "Perform pending installation/upgrade"22:39
rei4dancedk, there are only three of them listed: ir, res and webdav22:40
cedkrei4dan: so you don't have all the modules or you created the DB before installing the modules22:40
rei4danI have run the wizard couple of times, nothing changed22:40
rei4dancedk, do I recreate the db?22:40
cedkrei4dan: that's the easy way if you installed the python modules later22:41
cedkrei4dan: otherwise you can just update any existing module, the other will appear after22:41
rei4dandoes it hardcode them somewhere in db that it doesn't rediscover?22:41
cedkrei4dan: yes, there is an issue to improve that22:42
rei4dancedk, it is not possible to upgrade modules from the client here.. wizard runs, but the modules remain pending for upgrade, trying to run again and they jump pabck to initial state22:44
cedkrei4dan: I think there is an issue with upgrade from client just the module ir22:50
cedkrei4dan: if you did not create anything in the DB, easier to create a new one22:51
rei4dancedk, yes dropping and recreating db helped22:55
rei4danok, I managed to create a location under Warehouse and add a product in Product section.. I added category to the product, but how to place in the specific storage?23:19
rmurei4dan: create inventory for that location, or create internal shipment from inventory loss to that location23:21
rei4danrmu, thanks.. after some fiddling I managed to get it there23:32
rei4danhad to transfer, though.. couldn't just add existing products to location23:34
rei4danalso for products, what is list price and what is cost price?23:34
rmurei4dan: inventory works much like accounting. products are moved between locations, some of them are "special" like inventory loss, customer, supplier, production23:36
rmulist price is the price you sell products, cost price is the price you buy it. more or less.23:37
rei4danrmu, I see.. a bit confusing if all I want to know is where are things in the warehouse and possibly who took them and when23:39
rei4danGentoo overlay could use a metapackage pulling in all the modules23:59

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