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shalabhaggarwal_cedk: Hi, I dint get why this is done -
cedkshalabhaggarwal_: to be sure to have the right context12:29
shalabhaggarwal_cedk: ok12:32
sharoonthomascedk: looks like the active records generated by the trigger_action is wrong12:38
sharoonthomascedk: line 164 - Model = Class of action_model, line 222 - records = Model.browse(ids)12:39
sharoonthomascedk: so the active record instances sent are all of the action_model with ids of the model which caused the trigger12:40
cedksharoonthomas: don't understand12:42
sharoonthomascedk: the first argument passed to the trigger action function is records12:43
cedksharoonthomas: what is the problem12:43
sharoonthomascedk: the construction of these records seem wrong, since the class used to create these records are trigger action model and the ids are the source model12:43
sharoonthomascedk: for example, if i was to build a trigger on product, then the ids would be the ids of products, but the class used to build the active record would be the trigger target12:44
cedksharoonthomas: what is the trigger target ?12:45
sharoonthomascedk: action model (
cedksharoonthomas: ok yes12:48
sharoonthomascedk: its a bug right ?12:49
cedksharoonthomas: yes12:50
sharoonthomascedk: will send a patch12:51
cedksharoonthomas: with a test case will be good12:53
sharoonthomascedk: ok12:53
cedksharoonthomas: the test fails without the patch?13:43
sharoonthomascedk: yes13:43
sharoonthomascedk: wrote the test, before the patch13:44
sharoonthomascedk: i have updated the message on can you confirm if it is ok ?13:47
cedksharoonthomas: ok13:48
sharoonthomascedk: thanks, will upload a patch13:48
sharoonthomascedk: can i update the copyright on COPYRIGHT in the same patch ?13:50
cedksharoonthomas: don't think this change deserve it13:51
sharoonthomascedk: fine13:51
cedksharoonthomas: it is too trivial13:51
sharoonthomascedk: sending patches to tryton is really too old fashioned and painful14:08
sharoonthomascedk: and mercurial seems to be a terrible choice of a version control system for maintaining multiple series14:08
cedksharoonthomas: learn your tools14:13
cedksharoonthomas: you just have submit a patch base on an unpublished changeset14:14
sharoonthomascedk: having to clone different repositories to have different versions of the same software really sucks14:15
cedksharoonthomas: no it doesn't14:16
cedksharoonthomas: the branch concept of git sucks14:17
sharoonthomascedk: looks like a lot of people don't think so. Even bitbucket rolled out git support.14:21
sharoonthomascedk: what is the major advantage of using hg over svn when it comes to the way tryton repositories are maintained ?14:21
cedksharoonthomas: DVCS14:22
cedksharoonthomas: but I must admit I don't like the path mercurial is going by copying git crappy stuffs14:23
cedksharoonthomas: and bitbucket is not really a good platform14:24
sharoonthomascedk: git + github makes contributing to open source software so much easier14:24
cedksharoonthomas: it is a real mess14:25
sharoonthomascedk: now that you say even mercurial is copying git features, you might as well think of going git14:25
cedksharoonthomas: byt the way, I don't care about having a lot of contribution, it is the quality of contribution that's important14:25
cedksharoonthomas: no, I just not use the new feature14:25
cedksharoonthomas: like branch14:25
sharoonthomascedk: why would contributions on something like github be worse ?14:26
sharoonthomascedk: afaik, hg branches suck14:26
cedksharoonthomas: I'm not saying that14:26
cedksharoonthomas: you just say: github == more contributors, I just say I don't care about more contributors14:27
sharoonthomascedk: openerp says the same thing in a different way. I don't think any open source project should make contributing difficult14:28
cedksharoonthomas: it is not difficult14:29
cedksharoonthomas: people has to learn the tools14:29
jonanHi there. Trying to implement perpetual COGS using account_stock_anglo-saxon. Not clear on the required accounts in product/categories. I have created an asset account: Inventory and an expense account: COGS. What type of accounts are "Stock Customer" and "Stock Supplier" ?15:19
basmanI deployed Tryton in a company that already has products in stock, I have entered all products types, costs and prices of the company in Product module. Also, I have set up a company and minimal chart of accounts.Now I'm ready to enter the quantities of products I have, How should I do that ?15:40
corrobasman: create an inventory under "Inventory & Stock/Inventories" (not sure what it's called in your language).15:45
basmancorro: now suppose that I have a products that I may buy to use in making my salable and purchasable products, for example Oil or Salt. Those products, some time I just purchase them, use them in production "consume them", so, how shall I store such products?, are they salable and purchasable, I ,mean how shall I deal with them?15:50
corrobasman: I'm no expert in stock management, but this sounds like a job for the 'production' module. Never used it personally though.15:54
basmancorro: Okay, I have another question, I hope you know the answer. Suppose I started to sell a new product that never sold before by my company , after I list the product in products module, then, I got a 900 KG of that product, then shall I create new inventory or enter them via purchase operation or what I have to do?. Thx whether u know the answer or not :)15:58
corrobasman: I'd say it depends on whether you bought these 900kg recently or just had it 'laying around'. A purchase influences your income statement, an inventory does not.16:06
basmancorro: Okay, what's the difference between Fixed Cost ans Average Cost of the product that are determined when we define product type in products module?16:09
corrobasman: Not sure. Haven't used this feature yet.16:10
basmancorro: Do you have knowledge in Financial Module ?16:12
corrobasman: A bit, yes16:12
basmancorro: in my case, the company is small, as I told you, so, can I use the minimal chart of accounts that comes by default with Tryton?16:13
corrobasman: it's a very generic chart of accounts that comes with the account module. You probably want to at least tweak it to your needs.16:15
basmancorro: I'm not expert in accounting and I don't have an accountant, so, do you think that chart is enough ?. what is your advice ?16:19
corrobasman: you may work with it, the basic accounts are all there, it's just not very detailed. For example there is just one revenue and one expense account. Also the accounting preferences tend to be heavily dependant on your country.16:40
basmanThis is the thing that I'm not able to understand it, I found that there are charts of accounts specific for each country, so, what is the purpose of that, what is the difference here?16:43
basmanIn Tryton, there is not chart of account specific to my country16:44
corrobasman: there are countries with a default chart of accounts provided by the government. This allows easier comparability of companies. You should learn about the legal guidlines in your country before you start doing accounting.16:52
basmanI found that there are charts of accounts specific for each country, so, what is the purpose of that, what is the difference here?20:20
basmanHow I should enter transactions that are not a part of sale or purchase operation, such as, Salaries, payments for some fixations or maintenance ...etc. how could I enter them in the system?22:50

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