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mrechteHello. In a report template, how to force a page break *between* records ?10:26
cedkmrechte: like you do for any opendocument10:27
mrechtecedk: if I insert a page break in the record loop, either I have an extra blank page at the beginning or at the end of the report. I meant page break between records.10:32
cedkmrechte: don't understand10:34
mrechtecedk: Page 1: record 1, Page 2: record 2, Page n: record n (assuming each record can fit on a single page)10:36
udonomrechte: hi, just insert a manual pagebreak befor closing the for loop.10:48
mrechteudono: thanks. Doing so produces an extra blank page at the end of the report10:54
udonomrechte: then yo need to place the pagebreak inside the for loop which iterates over the records you wanted to have on a single page.10:57
mrechteudono: I don't understand. Assuming I just have one for loop. If I break at the beginning of the loop, the first page is blank. If I break just before the end of the loop I get a blank page at the end of the report. In both cases I waste a page.11:02
udonomrechte: What exactly is your question? Does it work in general and you want to get rid of the extra pages?11:04
mrechteudono: yes exactly. Page break between records and not before or after records.11:05
udonomrechte: you could try to put the pagebreak inside an if/then clause. maybe lookup if the actual record is the last record in the loop.11:08
cedkmrechte: did you look at any report before asking ?11:10
cedkmrechte: they all loop with a page break inside11:10
udonocedk: I think mrechte asks how to get rid of the last pagebreak...11:11
cedkudono: did you see any last page break in the invoice ?11:12
udonocedk: usually not. But he has two loops. And IIUC the items of the inner loop should be separated also.11:12
udonocedk: IIUC it is like printing each invoice line on a separate page... mrechte?11:14
prusglajotemisHello. I am trying to override list ordering, but something goes wrong.11:34
prusglajotemisI am overriding ordering (field "sequence") in Product - BOMs list (in product form)  by newfield. I do these steps:11:34
mrechtecedk: of course yes, but only in the accounting module. I did not see any report with a similar case. It would be kind to explain how to attend this matter. Thanks.11:34
mrechteudono: how can one test for the first / last record in the loop ?11:34
prusglajotemis1. inherit product.product_view_form and replace attribute view_ids="production.product-bom_view_list_sequence to view_ids="production.product-bom_view_list"11:35
prusglajotemis2. "inherit production.product-bom_view_list" and add new field11:35
prusglajotemis3. extend '' model and override ordering in __setup__ method  (cls._order = [('newfield', 'ASC')])11:35
prusglajotemisafter these steps I see newfield but ordering did not change and I don't see "product" field that is in production.product-bom_view_list11:35
prusglajotemiswhat i do wrong ?11:36
mrechteFor the accounting module, I designed a "draft journal" report that hooks into the Financial / Entries menu. Shall I submit it on Roundup as a feature request ?14:01
coepsHi, is there a not in statement for pyson opposite to Eval('state').in_(['a','b'])?17:37
cedkcoeps: ~…17:39
coepscedks: hehe, I was always wondering whats the effect of that sign :). Thanks17:40
cedkcoeps: ~ == __invert__17:41
coepsis it possible to display the rec_name in a tree view?19:52
coepsok, just don't use the underscore20:11
cedkcoeps: it is a field like any else20:11
coepscdek: I tried with underscore, so id didn't work. without is works. I just wrote the last line in case someone searches the irc_archives and finds the question.20:12
cedkcoeps: no field can start with underscore20:29
coepscdek: is there a place on the web, where the feature-plans (add remove of features like _inherit in 2.8) are documented? Who does the decisions, is it the foundation? Are it the core developers?21:02
cedkcoeps: core dev21:25
cedkcoeps: and it is discussed on ml like any changes21:26
coepscdek: whats ml?21:28

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