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giedriushi guys, is hgnested working for you?00:03
giedriusi try to clone hg nclone and it aborts with HTTP Error 404: Not Found on the first module fetch [trytond/trytond/modules/account]00:04
digitalsatoriI'm testing the party_vcarddav module13:57
digitalsatoriI was able to make it work by changing the following13:58
digitalsatoridiff -r 8726038389a6 party.py13:58
digitalsatori--- a/  Thu Mar 07 16:55:08 2013 +010013:58
digitalsatori+++ b/  Sun Mar 31 19:54:10 2013 +080013:58
digitalsatori@@ -289,12 +289,12 @@13:58
digitalsatori             raise Exception('Error', 'Report (%s) not find!' % cls.__name__)13:58
digitalsatorimy question is why we need to convert string 'data' to buffer object through buffer(data) which cause the problem?14:00
cedkdigitalsatori: to be correctly jsonify14:03
digitalsatoriwhen I remove the conversion, the module works though14:18
digitalsatoriI filed a ticked here :
digitalsatorithen I think we should change the behaviour at the pywebdav side?14:20
digitalsatoripywebdav try to do which raised an exception stated 'buffer object has no attribute 'read'"14:23
digitalsatoriCould you please explain to me more about correctly jsonfy?14:25
cedkdigitalsatori: when reporting an issue you *must* provide the traceback14:29
digitalsatoriOk I will rephrase my ticket, and thank you very much for the pointer14:29
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navishi tryton world22:33
navisI created a module which (among other things) adds a few fields to invoice lines22:34
navisnow I can create the invoice, and everything is well22:34
navisexcept that when I try to open the invoice, I get an error when it tries to create the accounting moves22:35
navisthe specific error is KeyError: 'my_field'22:36
navisany idea ?22:37
navisfound my mistake :-)22:55
navishow can I get 2.6.3 from hg ?23:25
cedknavis: see
naviscedk: I already pulled the whole repo, and can clone 2.6.0, but I don't find how to go to 2.6.323:59

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