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2013-04-01 00:00 <cedk> navis: I don't understand what you are saying for me it makes no sense
2013-04-01 00:01 <navis> cedk: hg nupdate -r 2.6.0 gets me a repo with a 2.6.0 tryton
2013-04-01 00:02 <navis> cedk: hg nupdate -r 2.6.3 tells me that 2.6.3 is unknown
2013-04-01 00:03 <navis> cedk: how do I get what is at from the repo ?
2013-04-01 00:05 <navis> cedk: I hit a bug in 2.6.0 which is fixed in head, I want to know if it has been backported to 2.6.3
2013-04-01 00:06 <navis> cedk: for that I need to update my repo to 2.6.3
2013-04-01 00:07 <cedk> navis: 2.6.3 is there:
2013-04-01 00:18 <navis> cedk: I see... do I have to clone that other repo or can I get that data from ?
2013-04-01 00:18 <cedk> navis: as it is shown in the link I gave you, each series has his own repository
2013-04-01 00:19 <navis> cedk: ok thanks, sorry for the questions, I don't know hg very well
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2013-04-01 16:54 <digitalsatori> hi cedk, what is you comment on the bug
2013-04-01 16:55 <cedk> digitalsatori: did not yet look
2013-04-01 16:57 <digitalsatori> ok, do you have integration test server set up?
2013-04-01 16:58 <cedk> digitalsatori: what do you mean?
2013-04-01 17:00 <digitalsatori> I mean if you have an integration server then your code commit to the repository should be tested automaticaly
2013-04-01 17:00 <cedk> digitalsatori: and what ?
2013-04-01 17:01 <cedk> digitalsatori:
2013-04-01 17:02 <digitalsatori> and the import error in the party_carddav should be captured
2013-04-01 17:02 <digitalsatori> at least
2013-04-01 17:04 <cedk> digitalsatori: write a test
2013-04-01 20:23 <coeps> Hi folks, whats the rule of having @staticmethod, @classmethod or an instance-method. I haven't found any docu about.
2013-04-01 20:24 <cedk> coeps: see Python doc
2013-04-01 20:24 <flox> @staticmethod are not better than function, usually
2013-04-01 20:25 <flox> @classmethod implements alternative constructor, most of the time (e.g. dict.fromkeys)
2013-04-01 20:28 <coeps> cdek,flox: thanks, I know that stuff from the python point of view. I was wondering whats it means from the Tryton-point of view regarding the "representation" of data.
2013-04-01 21:31 <plantian> coeps: It kind of depends on the situation. Like the tryton version, and then the tryton API( if you are making hook like on_change_* or default_* or register), and then the module's API (for like account module maybe a method is expect to be class or static method so you have to extend it that way).
2013-04-01 21:31 <plantian> ha wow, 1 minute late

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