IRC logs of #tryton for Saturday, 2013-04-06 #tryton log beginning Sat Apr 6 00:00:07 CEST 2013
2013-04-06 00:37 <plantian> Does eager loading only apply to primitive fields and not relationships?
2013-04-06 00:38 <cedk> plantian: loading is a property of each field
2013-04-06 00:40 <plantian> cedk: The default seems to be eager, so if I get a list of products and they have a many 2 many relationship to a custom model I made called a feature, then all those features would also be loaded when calling[]) ?
2013-04-06 00:40 <plantian> I guess does the loading cascade or does it mean just get the column when getting the model?
2013-04-06 00:42 <cedk> plantian: not on the search but eager loading means that when accessing any eager field that is not yet loaded, all the eager field will be loaded
2013-04-06 00:46 <plantian> cedk: I thought that was lazy loading? What is lazy loading then?
2013-04-06 00:47 <cedk> plantian: only this field is loaded
2013-04-06 00:47 <cedk> plantian: but don't forget that with browse instanciation, every load is always in a bunch of 1000
2013-04-06 00:49 <plantian> I guess I don't understand, so this is all from the client's perspective and not something on the server side?
2013-04-06 00:53 <cedk> plantian: on server side
2013-04-06 00:53 <cedk> plantian: on client side it is all based on the kind of view
2013-04-06 00:53 <cedk> plantian: field on tree view are all eager loaded
2013-04-06 00:54 <cedk> plantian: and field only on form view are lazy
2013-04-06 13:21 <shalabhaggarwal> Hi, is there an example/reference on how to use search in xml for specifying a value to a m2o field?
2013-04-06 13:32 <shalabhaggarwal> got it :)

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