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iamnoobQ: How can i make the textbox by default non-editable? or disabled?05:56
iamnoobQ: How can i make the textbox by default non-editable? or disabled?07:43
iamnoobi mean the field07:43
nicoeiamnoob: you can use "states" there is plenty of example in the official modules07:45
iamnoobnicoe: what is the word i need to look for ? i know 'Invisible' is the word to hide it.. how bout making it un-editable?07:54
nicoeiamnoob: readonly ?08:31
iamnoobQ: is there a way i can get the name of the databased used?11:28
GiceHi, I'm doing a manual install of trytond 2.6 and i'm getting the following error: "ImportError: No module named pywebdav.lib" can anyone help me with this?11:50
Giceand i installed python-webdav11:51
Gicerunning it on ubuntu 12.04 btw11:53
corroGice: python-webdav in the ubuntu repos is out-of-date11:55
Gicehmm, I'm getting a certificate error on that page (but I can continue)..11:55
Gicethanks, I'm gonna try this11:56
iamnoobis there a way i can get the name of the databased used?12:01
rpitiamnoob: Transaction().cursor.database_name12:51
pokolicedk: ping15:24
cedkpokoli: pong17:04
pokolicedk: whats the procedure to publish news translations?17:04
cedkpokoli: send me17:05
pokolicedk: they are on codereview, or prefer patch by email?17:05
cedkpokoli: with review I don't know if it is finished or not17:05
pokolicedk: I understant, no problem17:06
pokolicedk: so i tell you that now are finished17:06
pokolias far as bvillasanti has anything else to fix17:07
cedkpokoli: by the way, there is already Selene from Thymbra who is translating in Spanish17:12
pokolicedk: should I propose him to review my work?17:14
pokolicedk: catalan can be published?17:15
cedkpokoli: yes17:22
pokolicedk: I supose that's a yes on both questions, isn't it?17:23
cedkpokoli: yes17:23
cedkpokoli: for spanish translation of the website, you should collaborate with all the different spanish translators17:23
pokolicedk: sorry I thought that codereview is the new procedure of publishing news17:25
bvillasantipokili: I just added a few errors to correct17:26
bvillasantipokoli: I just added a few errors to correct17:27
pokolibvillasanti: thanks! I will wait for Selene's reply and fix both comments17:27
cedkpokoli: it is important that you all get a channel to communicate18:27
cedkpokoli: the key is communication in such problem18:27
pokolicedk: I've updated codereview with selene's content18:49
pokolicedk: I think that now both news are ready to publish18:50
cedkpokoli: ok you can send me the files18:53
pokolicedk: email or you pull directly from codereview?18:53
cedkpokoli: I prefer email18:54
cedkpokoli: et il faut pas oublier le context comme dernier argument18:56
pokolicedk: context you refer to language?18:57
pokolicedk: You have an email18:58
cedkpokoli: sorry wrong channel18:58
pokolicedk: oks no problem18:59

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