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bigatohi guys02:52
bigatobye guys03:13
sharoonthomasrunning tests using sqlite as database (with python std lib sqlite module), the transactions seem to be committed even when there are user errors11:25
sharoonthomasdigging more into the issue it seems like the python sqlite3 library does automatic commits11:25
sharoonthomasis this a known issue ?11:25
cedksharoonthomas: not by me11:42
sharoonthomascedk: checked with the party test for party.code and I can confirm that commits happen11:42
cedksharoonthomas: in the code we set isolation_level to None11:42
sharoonthomascedk: it is not a problem with tryton code, but a limitation of the std lib sqlite311:43
sharoonthomascedk: looks like a serious issue for neso users, though tests could be misguiding too11:43
cedksharoonthomas: indeed by default it is IMMEDIATE11:45
cedksharoonthomas: so normally it is like if a BEGIN is always set11:46
sharoonthomascedk: ok, so is it not a bug to have isolation_level set to None, because that is the auto commit mode11:47
cedksharoonthomas: it is set to IMMEDIATE by default11:48
sharoonthomascedk: yes it is (
sharoonthomascedk: will debug more and let you know11:49
cedksharoonthomas: ok11:53
sharoonthomascedk: looked deeper: it's because there was an assertRaises which looked for an expected UserError, but the test continued from there without issuing a rollback12:05
sharoonthomascedk: moving it to a separate transaction solved the problem12:06
sharoonthomascedk: sorry for the confusion12:06
cedksharoonthomas: ok12:08
cedksharoonthomas: is it in trytond ?12:08
sharoonthomascedk: no, in a customer module13:18
sharoonthomaswho is the admin in the linked in group called "tryton" ?13:42
cedksharoonthomas: I think I'm13:55
sharoonthomascedk: are you allowed to flag content ? or remove them ?13:56
cedksharoonthomas: I think13:56
sharoonthomascedk: not sure what is the policy on removal, but i think you should remove the unsolicited Open ERP marketing on the group:
cedksharoonthomas: I can find the post14:12
cedksharoonthomas: think the link doesn't work14:13
sharoonthomasit says its no longer available14:13
sharoonthomasprobably automatically removed because of too many flags or the authors decided to remove themselves14:14
cedksharoonthomas: ok14:14
joachi, exists some uml, or class diagram or something like this for trytond? Im analizing the architecture and trying to understand the internals17:26
smarrojoac: go to Administration -> Models -> Models, select a model a print Graph17:30
joacsmarro: thanks!17:36
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