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2013-06-03 05:36 <devid> Hello
2013-06-03 05:36 <devid> Does tryton support purchase requisition ?
2013-06-03 11:37 <sisalp> did you see this ? http://
2013-06-03 11:49 <cedk> sisalp: yes
2013-06-03 11:49 <sisalp> funny or serious ?
2013-06-03 11:50 <cedk> sisalp: don't know but I think until it is not native in browsers we should not rely on it
2013-06-03 11:52 <sisalp> are there any plans to incorporate python to browsers ?
2013-06-03 11:55 <cedk> sisalp: I guess this one is a first step
2013-06-03 11:55 <cedk> sisalp: but I doubt it will succeed because benefit vs cost is not so hight
2013-06-03 11:57 <sisalp> so we couldn't just import the gtk client in a web page ? ;-)
2013-06-03 12:11 <Pilou> sisalp: related:
2013-06-03 12:25 <b0r7> hello. is it possible to hide purchse price via user group in tryton 2.8?
2013-06-03 12:26 <b0r7> usecase: user working in production shouldn't see 'calculation'
2013-06-03 12:26 <cedk> sisalp: no because it uses GTK instead of HTML
2013-06-03 12:29 <b0r7> at default a user group that didn't receive any rights is able to 'see' all product.. but not partys.. e.g, i would have expected products would be unaccessable as well..?
2013-06-03 12:30 <b0r7> how can one forbid any model.. is it possible (in contrast to grant rights)
2013-06-03 12:30 <b0r7> ?
2013-06-03 12:52 <cedk> b0r7: create access right for one group, it will forbid it for all others
2013-06-03 13:00 <b0r7> cedk: thanks!
2013-06-03 13:07 <mrechte1> Hello. Invoice may be credited using the Credit action. I can see the advantage of crediting "posted" invoice, but what about draft / validated ones ?
2013-06-03 15:20 <mrechte1> Crediting an invoice generates a Credit note without an invoice_date. Should not it be created with the credited invoice date ?
2013-06-03 15:21 <cedk> mrechte1: which credit date?
2013-06-03 15:22 <mrechte1> cedk: the invoice_date of the invoice being credited
2013-06-03 15:23 <cedk> mrechte1: it is not always possible
2013-06-03 15:23 <cedk> mrechte1: but you are free to set it
2013-06-03 15:28 <sisalp> mrechte1: I don't think it is correct. Dates are not the same
2013-06-03 15:40 <mrechte1> sisalp: well, accountably speaking, I would try to create the credit note preferably on the same date
2013-06-03 15:40 <mrechte1> cedk: OK but it implies altering the Python code.
2013-06-03 15:41 <cedk> mrechte1: no, just edit the credit note before posting it
2013-06-03 15:42 <mrechte1> cedk: this is prone to errors
2013-06-03 15:43 <mrechte1> By the way could you please comment "I can see the advantage of crediting "posted" invoice, but what about draft / validated ones ?"
2013-06-03 15:45 <mrechte1> cedk: and what if "with_refund" is checked ? One is not offered the possibility to input date ?
2013-06-03 15:46 <cedk> mrechte1: if checked it means refund today
2013-06-03 15:46 <cedk> mrechte1: if you don't want don't check it
2013-06-03 16:19 <mrechte1> Has Tryton got an asset management module ?
2013-06-03 16:22 <cedk> mrechte1: yes
2013-06-03 16:24 <mrechte1> cedk: Thanks.
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