IRC logs of #tryton for Wednesday, 2013-06-05 #tryton log beginning Wed Jun 5 00:00:02 CEST 2013
zodmanhi dudes the hg repo it is broken
cedkzodman: of course it is not a repo:
zodmancedk: but hgnested its broken too when i clone from nclone15:42
cedkzodman: I just redo a nclone without issue15:53
zodmanyou right15:55
zodmanon other server the nclone works15:56
zodmanmy hg it is too old that is the reason tnx cedk!16:02
mrechte1Hi. Question on account_asset module.  In, why is account_asset field in Template / Category limited to domain where kind = 'expense' ? I would have thought kind = 'other'.16:13
cedkmrechte1: otherwise it doesn't work in invoice16:15
cedkmrechte1: must see expense as a generic key word, not an accounting balance16:15
mrechte1cedk: Thanks. The supplied account_fr module has, for instance, classified account #2183 as "other" kind, therefore it cannot be assigned to account_asset field.16:22
cedkmrechte1: so it should be fixed16:31
jeancavalloHi ! I would like to know if it is possible to set the name of the tree view to use in the search window of a M2O field.16:34
cedkjeancavallo: no but it will be good to use the label of the field16:39
jeancavallocedk: Sry, I meant the view_id  of the view that should be used16:39
cedkjeancavallo: view_ids16:40
jeancavallocedk: Thanks ! Thought that one was only for O2M !16:40
Joachi, Im making a module, following, but, when I try to access to the models... client complains: u'hello.hello' is not in list17:12
JoacI'm tried restarting trytond, but, nothing happens17:13
cedkJoac: it could be out-dated17:16
Joaccedk: I solved it, there is a typo on the wiki17:24
Joaccedk: the module is registered on pool with "helloworld" instead "helloWorld", that is the name of the directory17:27
cedkJoac: fixed17:33
Joaccedk: great! thanks17:37
cedkJoac: if you have other fix/improvements, I can give you access17:38
JoacIf any one wants to colaborate, Im making a simple scaffolder for tryton modules, the repo is here:
zodman_Joac: i like the icon xD22:33
Joaczodman_: thanks22:45
JoacACTION feels like an artist22:46

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