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hydrosiiii need some help to install a tryton server in debian22:01
hydrosiiii downloaded the packages from debian.tryton.org22:02
hydrosiiiand installled sucesfully in the system22:02
hydrosiiibut i cannot make the tryton-server connecto to postgresql22:02
hydrosiiii followed the instructions provided in the package22:03
hydrosiiinamed README.debian22:03
hydrosiiigot an error creating the database with the command  # su - postgres -c "createuser --createdb --no-createrole --no-superuser \    --pwprompt tryton"22:05
hydrosiiierror , too many arguments for the createuser command, it doesnt accept the last part --pwrprompt tryton22:06
hydrosiiiwithout it, the user is created, but i cannot connect tryton anyway22:06
hydrosiiihow do i sucessfully setup the database?22:07
cedkhydrosiii: try without --pwprompt but keep tryton22:16
yangoon1hydrosiii:  # su - postgres -c "createuser --createdb --no-createrole --no-superuser --pwprompt tryton" should work22:17
hydrosiiiyeah it worked22:24
hydrosiiilet me see if tryton connects22:24
hydrosiiiit doesnt22:27
hydrosiiii create the database with the command22:27
hydrosiiisu - postgres -c "createdb --encoding=UNICODE --owner=tryton tryton"22:27
hydrosiiii changed trytond.conf lines dbtype=postgresql22:28
hydrosiiidb_user= tryton22:28
hydrosiiidb_password = tryton22:28
hydrosiiiso it should work22:29
hydrosiiibut when i do22:29
hydrosiii/usr/bin/trytond -i all -d tryton22:29
hydrosiiii get a fatal error saying the Database doesnt exist22:29
yangoon1hydrosiii: it probably depends on the authentication mechanism you are using for postgresql22:31
cedkhydrosiii: but did you create the database tryton ?22:31
hydrosiiisu - postgres -c "createdb --encoding=UNICODE --owner=tryton tryton", odesnt this command create the db?22:33
cedkhydrosiii: yes22:34
hydrosiiii have changed also the authentication machanism in pg_hba.conf22:34
yangoon1hydrosiii: if you are using ident, you must connect as the same user or map him like in
yangoon1hydrosiii: probably most portable is to use md522:35
hydrosiiiin the debian manual says to use password authentication22:35
hydrosiiiso i changed pg_hba.conf line22:35
hydrosiiilocal all all password22:36
hydrosiiiim not sure password is a valid option, maybe that is the problem22:36
yangoon1host    all             all               md522:36
yangoon1for localhost IPv422:36
hydrosiiiyeah i have that setting to22:37
hydrosiiione line below22:37
hydrosiiihost all all md522:37
hydrosiiii had another line saying local all all indet22:37
yangoon1hydrosiii: tryton server and postgres are running on the same machine?22:38
hydrosiiibut after reading that i needed password authentication i changed it22:38
hydrosiiisame machine22:38
hydrosiiiis a VM, if ti changes something22:38
yangoon1host    all             all             ::1/128                 md522:38
yangoon1for IPv6 also included?22:38
yangoon1comment the lines with password option and restart the postgres server22:40
yangoon1then be sure, if tryton was really the password the tryton role in postgres22:41
yangoon1if yes, restart the tryton server and try to connect with the client22:42
yangoon1you can also create a database from the client22:42
hydrosiiihow can i be sure of the password in the tryton role?22:44
yangoon1hydrosiii: it is the one you provided when doing # su - postgres -c "createuser --createdb --no-createrole --no-superuser --pwprompt tryton"22:45
hydrosiiii m pretty sure is tryton22:46
hydrosiiibut how can i check it22:46
yangoon1hydrosiii: can you connect with tryton client to tryton server?22:52
hydrosiiiim trying22:55
hydrosiiiim trying wiht createnew database22:56
hydrosiiiin the client22:56
hydrosiiiserver conecction
hydrosiiino i cannot22:58
hydrosiiiconnect to the server22:58
yangoon1hydrosiii: I suppose the client is not running in the same VM as the server?22:59
hydrosiiiit is running inside the VM, yes23:00
hydrosiiiim trying to set everithing up into the VM and then install other clients23:01
hydrosiiicut that shouldnt be aproblem23:01
hydrosiiilet me try23:01
hydrosiiiwith a client outsi te VM23:01
hydrosiiimaybe that is the problem23:03
hydrosiiino i cannot conect23:07
hydrosiiifrom neither form outside the VM or form the inside23:07
hydrosiiithe network is working since i have used it  the same configuration with different vm's23:07
hydrosiiiso the network is not the problem23:07
yangoon1hydrosiii: is wrong when connecting from outside23:10
yangoon1hydrosiii: also take care to have the tryton server listen on an external interface23:11
hydrosiiiye ah i know form outsie23:12
hydrosiiiim using the vm ip adress23:13
yangoon1hydrosiii: so you need something like jsonrpc = <vm_ip>:8000 in trytond.conf23:14
hydrosiiithe default is localhost:800023:14
hydrosiiii think is right23:14
yangoon1hydrosiii: you won't be lucky when you are trying to connect from outside to a server listening on localhost23:17
hydrosiiii know23:17
hydrosiiii point the client from outside to
hydrosiiiport 800023:18
hydrosiiithe VM ip adrees23:18
hydrosiiiso i should change trytond to reflect thi?23:18
hydrosiiishouldn't it be automatic?23:18
yangoon1hydrosiii: how should it be automatic, if you set it to localhost in trytond.conf?23:19
hydrosiiiaa ok23:20
yangoon1hydrosiii: the least restrictive configuration is "jsonrpc = *:8000"23:20
hydrosiiii know see my service using nmap23:21
hydrosiiito the corresponding ip23:21
hydrosiiilet me see if the client connect23:21
yangoon1hydrosiii: so good luck, have to leave23:21
hydrosiiithank you23:23
hydrosiiiweel i cant see the server23:23
hydrosiiibut ti cannot create the db23:24
hydrosiiilet me see what im doing wring23:24
hydrosiiii get an error in the client when i want to cerate a db23:37
hydrosiiithere's no line in pg_hba,conf for <<[local]>> user <<tryton>>23:38
hydrosiiidatabase <<template1>> , SSL inactive23:38
cjbarnes18Hi all, I am trying to apply review 92001 without much luck, what is the method for resolving conflicts and resuming the patch/import/review?23:40
hydrosiiithank you solved it23:41
hydrosiiiadded a line in pg_hba.conf with local all all password23:41
cjbarnes18hi hydrosiii, is this for a live deployment?23:42
hydrosiiitrying to set it up ina a store23:42
cjbarnes18is tryton going to be on the same server as postgres?23:43
cjbarnes18ok, only thinking that if you have it on a seporate box plain text password isnt good...23:44
hydrosiiiyes, but is the same box23:44
cjbarnes18looks like you have it cracked :D23:44
hydrosiiiand for now , im just going to use LAN23:44
hydrosiiiif i go on the internet ill see, then ,23:45
hydrosiiii ll go with the easy setup for now :)23:45
cjbarnes18you probably wouldnt expose postgresql directly to the net anyway.23:45
hydrosiiiyes, of course23:45
hydrosiiibut well, maybe ill disable every internet connection to the server23:46
hydrosiiior i can use iptables, to block all ports23:46
hydrosiiithat i know, i just dont know how to use the conf files in postgresql23:46
hydrosiiithey're difficult23:46
cjbarnes18assuming you have a firewall between the internet and your LAN youre probably OK23:47
cjbarnes18by default postgresql will only listen on localhost anyway23:47
cjbarnes18the config files are well documented but there is a lot in there.23:48
cjbarnes18the documentstion at postgresql is very good though.23:48 that is.23:48
cjbarnes18cedk ping23:50
hydrosiiiok tahan you23:50
hydrosiiialso im trying to install point of sale moduel23:51
cjbarnes18wich version of Tryton are you installing?23:52
cjbarnes18last time I checked it POS hadnt been updated, you may need to go earlier.23:53
hydrosiiiit has been updataed23:55
hydrosiiiwell, i mailed the dev, and told me that the pos is ready23:55
cjbarnes18I hadnt seen that fork23:56
hydrosiiiyes, is good23:57
hydrosiiisince all i need tryton is to sell stuff23:57
hydrosiiisearched for days for it23:57

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