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mrechteHello. What's make a ModelSQL defintion becomes a resident table (viz. in the DB) ?10:31
cedkmrechte: because it is ModelSQL10:38
mrechtecedk: thanks. But in this case why ProductQuantitiesByWarehouse model does not become a DB table ?10:47
cedkmrechte: where ?10:48
mrechtecedk: stock/product.py10:48
cedkmrechte: because it defines table_query10:50
mrechtecedk: thanks a lot.10:51
sharoonthomascedk: what is the best way to get access to the module graph of an installed database ? my intention is to look for files in installed modules paths12:51
cedksharoonthomas: in modules/ there is a graph that can be printed12:52
cedksharoonthomas: by the way, what is the state of nereid ?12:57
sharoonthomascedk: it has been migrated to 2.813:01
sharoonthomascedk: there are a few things which need to go in and we have started to work on it13:02
sharoonthomascedk: we want to get it done before the next release13:03
cedksharoonthomas: ok, I will try to work on it also13:05
sharoonthomascedk: also the splitting into two modules made the tests go into one module (trytond-nereid). so nereid needs to get its set of tests separated13:05
sharoonthomascedk: we discussed once about allowing more modules to be test modules like the bundled test module inside trytond13:06
cedksharoonthomas: I think nereid should be one package13:08
sharoonthomascedk: meaning ? tryton module required for nereid to work and the package ?13:17
javivfi'm trying to import products with proteus without success, i dont know how work with product.template13:20
javivfis there some example about this ?13:20
sharoonthomasjavivf: any code you have already written ?13:28
javivfi'm trying to understand setup_product from
javivfwell this works :
sisalphello, on a new installed server I get SSLError: [Errno 1] _ssl.c:499: error:1407609C:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_CLIENT_HELLO:http request18:18
sisalpwhen I set ssl_jsonrpc = True in conf file18:19
sisalpand I can connect when I set it to False18:19
sisalpwhere is my mistake ?18:20
cedksisalp: I guess you did not clean your ~/.config/tryton/x.y/known_hosts18:25
sisalpcedk: can I delete it ?18:28
cedksisalp: if you want18:29
sisalpcedk: excellent. how did you identify this point from the error message ?18:30
cedksisalp: you just changed an SSL config into a non-SSL18:31
cedksisalp: I think there is an issue to try to provide a better error message18:34
sisalpcedk: I see the host is identified in the line, so I can remove the line each time I start the service. does it matter ?18:35
sisalpsoryy, mixing client and server, stupid18:36
sisalpcedk: shouldn't the client adapt to the server whatever was done in the past ?18:37
sisalpcedk: would it create problem if we start the client twice ?18:38
cedksisalp: no it should not because it could be the fact of a Man in the Middle19:17
cedksisalp: for example, you used to connect to a SSL server19:19
cedksisalp: and I succeed to hijack your connection and I put my own proxy server with an other SSL certificat or no SSL19:20
cedksisalp: with the known_host mechanism this is detected19:20
cedksisalp: if the client just ignores the change then there is no protection19:21
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MartinGuzmanHi. I'm trying to replace the create method... I tried this:, what I'm doing wrong? This create method is being called, but the old one is being called too..20:29
cedkMartinGuzman: you call super20:32
cedkMartinGuzman: which is good but then upper method will be called20:32
cedkMartinGuzman: any way, it is always good to run every pieces of code20:32
MartinGuzmancedk: in this case, what should I do to "skip" the upper method?20:36
cedkMartinGuzman: it is almost impossible to know what you will skip20:36
cedkMartinGuzman: also I think there is a flaw in your design20:41
cedkMartinGuzman: what will happen if after the creation the field "is_donation" is changed ?20:42
MartinGuzmancedk: sorry... that was my mistake.. the "is_donation" should be readonly and I create a new action window with domain=('is_donation','=',True)20:44
cedkMartinGuzman: I guess it is a mistake in base module to force such value21:00
cedkMartinGuzman: created the issue:
MartinGuzmancedk, :-D!23:33

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