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tarunbhardwajHi, can any one help me in setting up tryton client on local ?08:52
katrtarunbhardwaj: What exactly is the problem?09:37
tarunbhardwajHow can i access tryton from web client on my local. i have installed trytond 2.8, it is working on gtk but how from web client?09:39
tarunbhardwajkatr: How can i access tryton from web client on my local. i have installed trytond 2.8, it is working on gtk but how from web client?09:39
katrtarunbhardwaj: The webclient is still under development and not yet released for production use.09:41
tarunbhardwajkatr: I just want to test it on my local, not for production09:43
katrtarunbhardwaj: You can try but as I already said, it's not yet ready to use.09:50
tarunbhardwajkatr: i agree with you, but how can i test it from source code.
katrtarunbhardwaj: I've not yet tried, but I suppose you simple serve the index.html and the static files with your web server of your choice.09:54
tarunbhardwajkatr: Whatever is ready and working i want to run it on my local09:54
katrtarunbhardwaj: And of course, you have to start the Tryton server and enable JSON-RPC.09:56
tarunbhardwajkatr: but how it will connect to tryton:8000, on web client and  tryton client both are  listening on 8000.09:57
tarunbhardwajkatr:  So i don't think we need other server for this.09:58
tarunbhardwajcedk: Thanks10:06
sisalpA user is getting this on a client Mac when trying to connect :
sisalpthere is nothing in the server log15:14
cedksisalp: what is the hostname of the server ?15:18
cedksisalp: or what did you put in config for hostname_jsonrpc15:22
sisalpcedk: hostname is "vmut4"15:48
sisalp#hostname_jsonrpc =15:49
cedksisalp: could you run this: python -c "import socket; print socket.getfqdn()"15:50
cedksisalp: ok, I guess it is the ending "." that breaks15:51
cedksisalp: I'm wondering if your hostname is valid?15:52
sisalpin /etc/hosts, I replace vmut4 vmut4. by vmut4 vmut4.sisalp.net15:54
sisalpand will ask the user to make a new try15:54
sisalpvmut4. is enough for sendmail, this is why15:55
cedksisalp: generally, I saw localhost.localdomain15:57
sisalpI have localhost.localdomain localhost15:58
sisalpbut interfaces are binded to
sisalpand I use this This parameter is set in configuration jsonrpc =
cedksisalp: it looks like it is valid to let a trailing dot16:13
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