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zodmandudes i try to implement the method restore on standalone cli04:54
zodmanhow send the data throught the jsonrpc.ProxyServer ? like utf-904:54
zodmanutf-8 ?04:54
cdnl_couple questions -- accounting -- canada gst, hst etc etc.. how well does this all work with tryton, is there any paid supporting services to handle this type of stuff19:18
diggyHi all!22:05
diggyI'm in the process of evaluating different ERP like solutions for my company. Could someone answer a few questions?22:10
cedkdiggy: yes22:20
diggyFirst of all I'd want to say I'm a dev my self and been contributing to Kexi project22:21
diggy1) Is tryton production ready? I mean is it dependable to use?22:22
cedkdiggy: we used it to run my company22:23
cedkdiggy: and I know many others who do the same22:23
diggySince I want to use it in Greece, I'm willing to translate all strings and add Greek accounting chart. Is there any rough approximation of the time it'd take?22:24
cedkdiggy: don't know it from scratch as we do french since 1.0 so we just have to update new strings22:26
diggy3) Can it handle printing invoices with dot matrix printers? haven't looked at reporting yet22:27
cedkdiggy: there is about 15k strings to translate but monly 10k unique22:28
diggyI believe that's for all modules?22:29
cedkdiggy: yes22:29
cedkdiggy: printing is just the server sending odt file to client22:30
diggyis all printing done via odt?22:30
cedkdiggy: don't know how dot matrix works but you can get the odt file and manipulate it from a custom module22:31
cedkdiggy: by default it is odt but you can use unoconv to convert to any Ooo supported format22:32
diggyprinting to a dot matrix means using escape codes to position the printing head and specifying attributes (double, bold, carriage return, etc)22:32
cedkdiggy: or you can get your own report generator to generate any kind of file22:32
diggybest case would be stream output directly to printer22:33
diggyanother issue, probably the biggest one is the use of fiscal printers22:34
diggyeach invoice before printed on paper goes through the fiscal printer, gets a digested hash for the document's contents and is redirected to the printer with the hash printed on the bottom of the form/paper22:37
cedkdiggy: looks like an OS issue not Tryton22:37
diggySo I'll have to design my own printing own should we come to that22:46
cedkdiggy: not completly22:54
cedkdiggy: I don't know how easy it is to communicate with your printer22:55
cedkdiggy: but you just have to add a post processing that do the stuffs with your printer22:55
diggyActually it's a bit more complicated.22:56
diggyDot matrix printers don't know where in the page the head is located22:56
diggyeg to print "test" five chars from left you have to send something like: SSSSStest22:57
diggywhere S is a special blank escape char (standard EPSON escape sequences)22:57
cedkdiggy: how a printer can know that ???22:58
cedkdiggy: printer doesn't read22:58
diggyWhat I meant is it can't calculate22:58
diggyit's a line printer22:58
diggynot a page printer22:58
diggyYou can put an invoice halfway to the printer and it's start printing like it was from the top22:59
cedkdiggy: don't understand22:59
cedkbut indeed I don't have to22:59
diggyyeah, it a bit messy23:00
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