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prakashnicoe: i have a question related to relatorio - can i add sheets programmatically in a report ?10:31
prakashnicoe: i am talking about an ods report10:31
nicoeprakash: Never tried it10:33
nicoeprakash: but from the top of my head I would say that you will have to edit the XML yourself and recompose the ods10:34
prakashnicoe: thanks10:38
cedkprakash, nicoe: I think you can just add url's in the cells10:38
prakashcedk: urls ? could you explain a bit more please ?10:38
cedkprakash: sorry I did not understand you wanted to add sheets10:39
prakashcedk: ah! its ok, thanks for your attention. will try what nicoe said and I will update here10:40
nicoeprakash: The first thing to try is to put urls in the tab names it might work (but I am not sure)10:40
nicoeprakash: And if not possible then you'll have to edit the XML10:40
prakashthanks nicoe, I'll try this.10:42
sharoonthomasnicoe: cedk: we had a proposal sometime back about having these reports in XML form rather than the current binary version11:44
sharoonthomasnicoe: cedk: did we make any progress on that ?11:44
cedksharoonthomas: not me11:44
nicoesharoonthomas: no, it was the subject of GSOC but the student failed11:45
sharoonthomasnicoe: cedk: ok11:45
cedksharoonthomas: it is about fodt = flat odt11:46
sharoonthomascedk: got it
cedksharoonthomas: I have some code if you want11:51
sharoonthomascedk: sure, please11:52
visheshcedk: Hey, I have a patch for MPTT performance improvement.
cedkvishesh: commented13:30
cedkvishesh: I guess the speedup is because you dropped the order of the tree13:31
cedkmaybe it is something we don't need13:31
visheshcedk: What do we mean by order here? (I13:32
vishesh(I'm new to tryton) I understand order is sorting. So when we search, the order should be respected13:33
cedkvishesh: MPTT is about numbering the tree, so you need to follow an order for that13:34
cedkvishesh: in current implementation, it uses the default order of the Model13:34
cedkvishesh: in your implementation, the order is quiet random because it is last inserted is last one13:35
visheshAh, got your point13:37
cedkvishesh: it is commented in line 192013:38
cedkvishesh: but maybe we don't need it13:38
visheshWhat's the benfit of maintaining the order?13:41
cedkvishesh: for now, I only see one is to fetch the tree flatten by this order13:41
visheshIf its not a common use case, there is little benefit supporting it.13:43
cedkvishesh: yes13:44
visheshcedk: I will work on your comments and upload updated patch13:45
cedkvishesh: ok but don't try to support order for now13:46
visheshcedk: Ok.13:47
cedkvishesh: did you check if you could use your update code instead of rebuild_tree is more cases ?13:47
cedkvishesh: for now, if there is more than 1 records to update, we rebuild the all tree13:47
cedkvishesh: I guess our code could perhaps be used for longuer list13:48
visheshYeah. I wrote _make_space() function for that purpose13:49
visheshBut currently, we are rebuilding trees for more than 1 records13:49
visheshI didn't look into that yet13:49
visheshcedk: What's the docstring format used in tryton? You mentioned not to use the one I use in patch. I got that format somewhere in tryton code14:09
cedkvishesh: none14:26
cedkvishesh: it was used before but we discover there was no benefit14:26
visheshOk. So should I remove all comments?14:30
cedkvishesh: write only what is not obvious14:35

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