IRC logs of #tryton for Friday, 2013-07-26 #tryton log beginning Fri Jul 26 00:00:03 CEST 2013
albertcaudono: we can talk here :)17:57
albertcaudono: In my experience usually companies prefer other company's logos and references, but if that is not possible17:57
albertcaudono: maybe a case description is ok17:58
udonoalbertca: yes, anyway we, virtual things using Tryton since the last year.17:58
albertcaudono: usually customers seek "real cases" and just a description could be made up17:58
albertcaudono: the problem you're already in the services section :)18:00
albertcaudono: if the ones delivering the services are the only ones using it, we have a problem :)18:00
udonoalbertca: yes, but dog-food makteting is not the most worse.18:02
albertcaudono: which is the worst one18:03
albertcaudono: ?18:03
udonoalbertca: but anyway, timitos and me talked this week about writing dows some of our customer showcases.18:03
albertcaudono: that would be great18:04
albertcaudono: it will also be good for you18:04
udonoalbertca: dog-food makteting is not the most worse marketing strategy18:04
albertcaudono: I think this is one of the most important things in our website18:04
udonoalbertca: yes18:04
albertcaudono: the problem is that customers that seek those success stories is that they do not want to rely on the integrator's word only18:05
albertcaudono: so saying "this product is good" and "I'm using it internally" is amost the same thing18:05
cedkalbertca: did you think about having a standard form to fill cases18:07
albertcacedk: no :)18:08

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