IRC logs of #tryton for Monday, 2013-07-29 #tryton log beginning Mon Jul 29 00:00:03 CEST 2013
visheshEach thread in tryton server keep only one cursor?10:40
cedkvishesh: normally yes10:42
visheshcedk: ok. When are we not doing so? (its probably required when we are spawing a new thread from some method (async stuff))10:51
visheshcedk: Can you give me some pointer on where are we doing so10:51
cedkvishesh: I don't think it is done somewhere in Tryton11:45
cedkvishesh: we try to avoid such design because it is a lot more complex to manage12:05
elmo40hello. how would I get Tryton installed on a remote web hosting server? I would like to access it through the companies website.14:00
visheshelmo40: You will install it on remote server the same way you install it on local server. To access it through your company website, you can use RPC calls, Proteus package or  Nereid web framework (based on Flask and Tryton)14:26
elmo40so i would need to add the Nereid modules?14:30
elmo40basically i would like to mimic how the TrytonDemo page works :)14:30
visheshelmo40: Yeah install nereid module. I personally have never used it though.14:31
elmo40ideally i would like to have something similar to the demo page, go to a customer with my phone and have the server email him an invoice14:33
elmo40now... if there was a POS module made for it, I would be able to run his credit card at the same time ;)14:33
elmo40ok, this might be a n00b question... but in the tryton-server/readme it says to do the following :su - postgres -c "createuser --createdb --no-createrole --no-superuser --pwprompt tryton"15:12
elmo40where can i find more help on this? i know i have postgresql installed. but it still says command no found15:12
elmo40is there a non-EU version of Tryton? The rest of the World doesnt have a VAT number.15:19
cedkelmo40: about the pg command, look for documentation about postgresql15:25
cedkelmo40: by the way, there is no such command in the README of trytond15:25
cedkelmo40: for VAT, just don't use the field15:25
elmo40is mysql supported?15:30
cedkelmo40: yes but they are many issues with MySQL and so I would not recommand in any case to use it15:31
elmo40cedk: ya, i am lost... cant get my postgresql to work... i'll just run neso for now.23:13
elmo40one thing i would like to know is how do i add a logo to the receipt/invoice i print?23:13

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