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plantianhi guys, I'm trying to access data in a tryton 1.8 database and BrowseRecords do not seem to be freed, is there a way to clear any sort of cache?  I'm trying to do Cache.clean(db_name) but that seems to have no effect.00:05
cedkplantian: there is a cache on cursor00:24
plantiancedk: okay, it seems like using "with Transaction().new_cursor():" around the tryton calls will prevent the cursor from accumulating records then, does that sound correct?00:32
cedkplantian: probably01:30
plantiancedk: it seems to be working, thanks for the hint01:43
shalabhaggarwalHi, I am trying to write a domain where i want to check if a O2M field is None.10:03
shalabhaggarwali wrote something like [('field_name', '=', None)] but it does not work10:04
shalabhaggarwali tried [('field_name', '=', Eval(0))], this works from frontend but fails the depends testcase10:04
shalabhaggarwalany idea whats the right way to do it?10:05
cedkshalabhaggarwal: Why don't you write what you just said10:05
shalabhaggarwalcedk: I dint get you. Is [('field_name', '=', None)] not same as  "field is None"?10:08
cedkshalabhaggarwal: it depends10:08
cedkshalabhaggarwal: of the type of the field10:09
shalabhaggarwalcedk: ok, so i guess this would work fine for simple fields but not for relational ?10:10
cedkshalabhaggarwal: for relational it is converted in something else10:12
cedkshalabhaggarwal: a subquery10:12
shalabhaggarwalcedk: i understand10:14
shalabhaggarwalcedk: but the right way to do this is still not clear to me :(10:19
shalabhaggarwalcedk: does Eval always require a field_name?10:20
cedkshalabhaggarwal: yes it is the purpose of Eval10:24
cedkshalabhaggarwal: why don't use use the domain you first give ?10:24
cedk[('field_name', '=', None)]10:24
shalabhaggarwalcedk: would this  work if i try to do a negative domain on this, i.e., [('field_name', '!=', None)]10:27
shalabhaggarwali actually need both10:27
shalabhaggarwalthe first case works but on negative condition also it yields the same result10:27
cedkshalabhaggarwal: normally yes, why not test before asking?10:28
shalabhaggarwalcedk: did test. the first case works but the negative does not10:28
shalabhaggarwalcedk:  [('field_name', 'not in', [])] solves the issue10:31
shalabhaggarwalthanks for the help and explanation :)10:31
cedkshalabhaggarwal: it will be fixed in python-sql10:32
shalabhaggarwalcedk: i am waiting for that to complete, good to see the great progress on that10:33
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pokolicedk: I have a doubt about review989002, can we talk about it?16:42
cedkpokoli: yes18:04
pokolicedk: when you enter a search text in the search option in WinSearch, which code is executed?18:07
pokolicedk: because the exclude_ids aper if you search by their name, and IMHO they shouldn't apear18:07
cedkpokoli: screen search_filter18:08
pokolicedk: but who is calling it? because it seems that excluded id's are not passed on this case18:09
cedkpokoli: WinSearch.response18:09
pokolicedk: yes i have excluded ids passing there, but now filtering on when you have a search in the upper box18:11
pokolicedk: so it's seems that this screen is calling the search_filter from other line, but i can't not find it18:12
cedkpokoli: I guess it is the do_search of ScreenContainer18:13
pokolicedk: thanks, will have a look over that18:13
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