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grek324Hello, I have a problem with proteus and sale. I tried to change state of draft sale but only get error message14:17
grek324AttributeError: type object '' has no attribute 'quote'14:17
grek324my code is here:
cedkgrek324: which versions?14:19
grek324hello 2.414:20
cedkgrek324: what contains con_data_dm14:24
grek324pass, database, user, server14:24
cedkgrek324: import * is bad so it is difficult to know what is running14:25
grek324cedk: ok14:26
grek324cedk:  I must confess, I've still never managed that it worked...14:28
grek324cedk: to change the sale state14:29
cedkgrek324: which exact version of trytond ?14:29
cedkgrek324: because you need this:
grek324cedk: Version 2.4.5 - 2013-02-1214:30
grek324cedk: this change is already included14:32
grek324cedk: proteus version 2.4.214:34
cedkgrek324: I'm installing sale module on 2.4 demo server to test14:37
cedkgrek324: with latest version of 2.4, it works on demo server14:58
cedk> from proteus import config, Model14:59
cedk> config.set_xmlrpc('')14:59
cedk> Sale = Model.get('')14:59
cedk> Sale.quote([], {})14:59
grek324if I try with demo server I get the message AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'context'15:24
grek324here is a test scenario for demo:15:24
cedkgrek324: here a version that should work:
cedkgrek324: if the product got the right accounts17:16
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