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motaroI installed triton through pip but can't find any configuration files?00:35
plantianmotaro: the trytond.conf file should be in the trytond/etc directory, you can copy it out and then specify its new location with an option to trytond on the command line, if you can't find the file you could just download the default config from the repository00:45
motarook thanks00:46
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plantianIs proteus thread safe?  If I were to use it, with set_xmlrpc in a web app on every request?  I'm not sure if I see a way to force it to clean up the server proxy.01:00
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prakash_cedk: I am facing a issue with tryon export data. Predefined export is not showing fields which are relational upto two level depth.12:53
jvblascomay i ask does one debug here in tryton? How do u print stack traces / variables ? Print statements don't seem to work13:01
b0r7on a related (debug) note.. how do you guys would recommend to develop.. im kinda new to python an oop and tryton.. im guessing the answer to my question is 'yes' when i formulate: is it worth to go the 'extra mile' to learn and use test driven development.. (now im developing and testing manually.. like 1. write code 2. check in client or make 'trytond -u' and then again etc..13:30
b0r7okay.. i guess its a big question and kinda off-topic.. well i'll give it a go anyway, i think.. less hassle in the long run..13:36
nicoejvblasco: you can use the traceback of python to print stacktraces13:54
nicoejvblasco: print outputs go to your console13:55
nicoeb0r7: In fact when we're debugging we're usually relying upon print statements13:55
nicoeb0r7: And test scenarios13:56
nicoeb0r7: TDD is always worth learning but you can sort you a lot of issues without it13:56
b0r7nicoe: i see. thanks.14:03
jvblasconicoe: Thnx so much, i achieved to read print statements from the server. Much easier to develop knowing what is happening there ;)14:18
jvblascoCan fields be overloaded when extending a model? For example changing product cost price for a functional fields that calculates the cost based on a specific criteria16:32
Piloujvblasco: an example: ldap_authentication overrides res.user:
jvblascoPilou: But it doesn't override any res.user fields, just the methods16:39
pokolijvblasco: why not creating a new field and using you new field?16:42
jvblascoi'm evaluating options i have in the framework to check the most convenient one16:43
jvblascopilou: i want to try to reuse as much code as posible. If i add the new field, maybe modules such as sales or purchuase or even account, may not compute the cost price as intended16:44
jvblascommmm, i realized that cost_price is a functional method itself. Maybe i can just overload the methods that compute the price17:05
jvblascoCan u filter a m2o selector content in the view based on some method invocation returned ids?19:34
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kotekHi ppl... How's going with POS support for Tryton?22:28

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