IRC logs of #tryton for Sunday, 2013-08-25 #tryton log beginning Sun Aug 25 00:00:02 CEST 2013
finkhi guys, setting up a fresh 2.8 install in a virtualenv. i've done 'pip install trytond_product_kit' in the virtualenv. yet, when creating the db, it errors out: 'Exception: Module product_kit not found'18:34
cedk_fink: probably the module is not compatible with your trytond version21:42
finkcedk_: yes, you're right thanks. the module's requires.txt says: trytond >= 2.4, < 2.521:51
finkis there a central list/table which shows which modules are compatible with which tryton versions?21:51
cedk_fink: I don't think there is such things on PyPI21:56
cedk_fink: but all official Tryton modules are release for each major version of trytond21:57
finkcedk_: cool, thanks21:57
cedk_fink: best will be to request author of the module to make a new release for last version21:59
finkcedk_: is there a list of the official modules?22:05
finkah, thanks :)22:06
finkis there an easy way to install all of them using pip?22:07
cedk_fink: not really22:07
finki guess i could scrape the webpage and regex it22:08
cedk_fink: but you can use this file to write a script:
finkah better, thanks22:08
finki used pip to install the server: 'pip install trytond==2.8' & i downloaded version 2.8.0 of the GUI client. i can create a database with the client, but when trying to connect, an error appears: "incompatible version of the server"22:24
fink./bin/trytond --version22:26
finkmust have screwed something up, sorry22:26

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