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WUDHi, If I set a field with default_ static method, can I access it using the self.fieldName method in my code?07:51
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WUDIs there no way in Tryton's API to set a field on a Model at the time it's initialising, i.e. showing in the view,08:38
WUDeven before it's stored in the db, when I'm using the self08:39
nicoeWUD: it's default_<field name>08:45
WUDIt doesn't work.08:48
WUDsay I have set a field with default_field_name and I try to use self.field_name to access it, it just comes as None08:49
nicoedefault_ is to set the default value when presenting it in the client08:50
nicoeWUD: But also when saving the object08:51
nicoeBefore it is not set08:51
WUDyeah, but i want to use the default field before I have saved08:51
WUDas self.field08:51
nicoeWUD: why ?08:58
WUDI want to set the _parent_sale field on pos09:03
WUD_parent_sale field on sale.line09:03
nicoeThere is no _parent_sale field on sale.line but there is a sale field09:05
WUDyeah, it's not a field, but on the on_change product, there is something called _parent_sale09:08
WUDand I'm assuming it's the parent of the current sale.line09:08
nicoeWUD: yes it's the sale09:26
nicoeWUD: so the sale field I'm talking about09:26
nicoeWUD: The on_change field is an indication for the client of which field he should send when the field change09:27
nicoethe _parent prefix allows to send information about a specific parent (many2one field)09:28
nicoein this case 'sale'09:28
nicoebecause it is named _parent_sale09:28
WUDso any fields on the parent, I can use in my child ?09:29
WUDmodules are a mess without inherits09:29
nicoeWUD: cleaner IMOH09:33
WUDnicoe: sure, but then I can't get my 2.6 module to work in 2.809:34
WUDis there a way to set the _parent_ field explicitly?10:07
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jvblascomorning everyone11:04
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prusglajotemisHello. How can I programmatically delete the action keyword ?17:03
cedkprusglajotemis: what do you mean?17:06
prusglajotemisfor example i want delete a lot of "form print" (sale, purchase, ...) and i want do that from my own module17:11
cedkprusglajotemis: action can be inactivate using the active field17:13
zodmancedk: i submit a patch for vatnumber for supporting vat_mx on the issue
cedkzodman: ok but I'm also thinking about mergin vatnumber with stdnum17:35
prusglajotemiscedk: but when I inactivate action the action keyword still exist (in toolbar).17:40
cedkprusglajotemis: restart the client17:40
prusglajotemiscedk: yes I restart client. I inactivate report so what has changed is that when I click on keyword and get error: 'Report (purchase.purchase) not find!')17:51
oscarhow can I to do this in windows:    trytond -d MYDB -u my_module?19:10
oscarwith neso19:10
cedkoscar: you can not19:11
nicoeoscar: you can not19:11
cedkoscar: but you can export the DB and import it with the update flag19:12
oscarcedk and nicoe: Thanks I will try to export and import method19:14
cedkzodman: also you better update review than delete older and create new19:16
oscarcedk: where I put the flag "update" for import database19:19
oscar_cedk and nicoe: Thanks I will try to export and import method?19:20
cedkoscar_: in the popup that asks for new DB name19:21
oscar_cedk: Ok, but Popup field database name don't let me put spaces or flags (in Windows)19:25
cedkoscar_: what are you talking about?19:28
cedkoscar_: check the checkbox!19:28
oscar_cedk: thank you is solved!19:35
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motaroWhen you change something on the xml for a view how do you make tryton reload the module?21:09
cedkmotaro: if you change in view/ it is done automaticaly if auto_reload is set21:18
motarois not set, thank you.21:23

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