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cedkalbertca: ping10:51
cedkalbertca: what about ?10:51
cedkpokoli: hi, are you going to finish the work for ?10:52
cedkpokoli: otherwise I will do10:53
pokolicedk: I have partial work on the other computer and I can ensure I will work on it untill next week10:54
pokolicedk: so If you want it before the 3.0 relase, you can work on it. May I add you as collaborator?10:54
cedkpokoli: yes please10:54
cedkpokoli: I guess you mean: "I can't ensureā€¦"10:56
pokolicedk: yes I can't ensure :)10:58
pokolicedk: just added you as collaborator on the issue :)10:58
cedkpokoli: thx10:58
cedkpokoli: by the way, did you test patch of issue3356?10:58
pokolicedk: I haven't got time yet :(11:00
cedkpokoli: normally, it should not take too much this time :-)11:02
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jvblascoAny trick to add images to the odt templates? I'm adding one in the header_A4.odt and replacing the report in the view definition, but no luck with it. The company logo doesn't show13:40
kotekHi, can anyone support me with "Using tryton for dummies" e-book? :D13:41
jvblascokotek: u mean u are writing a book called "Using tryton for dummies" and need some help?13:42
kotekNope, I'm looking for one. :D13:42
kotekIf I know more about tryton probably I'd write one.13:43
jvblascokotek: i think there isn't something like that. All the documentation i found is more for programmers than users13:43
kotekHow users are supposed to make use of tryton?13:44
jvblascokotek: anyway there some sources, if u know spanish, with some info like
jvblascokotek: with users i mean functionals users13:45
cedkjvblasco: be sure the image is in the document and not just a link13:45
kotekI can only read English, some German and Polish. :<13:45
cedkkotek: Tryton is a framework, so you just have to learn how to use the GUI
kotekOk... So is there any tryton account module handbook?13:50
cedkkotek: what could such book contains13:51
kotekanswer for a question "what the hell is tryton making when I want to reconcile lines???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111oneoneoneoneoneone"13:52
cedkkotek: impossible to answer, it depends on all the module you have installed13:53
kotekI mean that instead of matching lines, it's creating a brand new move.13:54
cedkkotek: don't understand what you are talking about13:55
kotekIn account module, installed only with its dependencies...13:56
kotekWhen I ask tryton to reconcile lines, it's creating a new account moves...13:57
cedkkotek: probably because you reconcile lines that have an writeoff13:57
cedkkotek: debit != credit13:59
kotekeverything is balanced...14:00
cedkkotek: so Tryton doesn't create any new move14:01
kotekand probably I have hallucinations because I sleep too much14:02
cedkkotek: then report a bug14:13
kotekI'll try to do something with it...14:17
kotekcedk, do you have any step-by-step example how reconcilation'd work?15:12
cedkkotek: select lines, click on reconcile wizard15:13
kotekLines? When I have hilighted two lines and rightclick selection it ends with only one selected line...15:13
cedkkotek: never say to make right-click15:16
cedkkotek: wizards are in actions:
kotekAttributeError: 'account.move.reconcile_lines.writeoff' Model has no attribute 'journal': None15:23
cedkkotek: fixed by changeset 9a6496b3d60315:26
kotekSo... I have a buggy version?15:27
cedkkotek: don't know your version15:29
cedkkotek: fix is in 2.6.3 but last version is 2.6.515:32
kotekFedora. <315:33
pokolicedk: review1061003 doesn't apply on trunk. Could you update please?15:35
cedkkotek: in series 2.6 because series 2.8 is already out15:35
cedkpokoli: done15:36
pokolicedk: thanks :)15:36
pokolicedk: reduced the time from 6 min to 1:45 min15:40
jvblascocedk: when u say a link u mean a URL to a web?15:42
jvblascocedk: solved. Thnx for the help. Insert->Picture->From file... solved the issue15:44
motaroGood morning. Question: I want create a graph structure using an object 'Work' as vertex, so to have work.adjacent = fields.One2Many('work', 'adjacent', 'Adjacent'). I'm not sure will be the right way to do this.16:32
cedkmotaro: why not but you have to create also the Many2One16:39
cedkmotaro: but maybe you do the same as project_plan module16:40
motaroI was thinking in comparison of using work.adjacent = fields.Many2Many.16:40
motarocede, I'm extending it actually, but want to move away from a tree structure to a graph.16:41
cedkmotaro: there is a graph in project_plan16:42
motarocedk, there is what do you mean?16:42
motarocede, when I say graph I mean a network diagram.16:44
cedkmotaro: don't know what is a "network diagram" but I know the mathematical def. of graph16:45
cedkmotaro: if I rememeber correctly, project_plan has a acyclic graph16:46
motarocede, project_plan not project.16:46
motarocedk, let check it then.16:46
vezjakvhi all, a little help needed: while using tryton trunk, i'm getting exception17:12
vezjakv    translation = Transaction.__table__() AttributeError: type object 'Transaction' has no attribute '__table__'17:12
vezjakvthis happens at Localisation > Set Translations17:13
vezjakvusing sqlite backend17:13
vezjakvshould it be Translation.__table__() instead of Transaction.__table__()?17:21
nicoevezjakv: yes it should be Translation not Transaction17:25
nicoevezjakv: Can you report it and make a patch?17:26
vezjakvI've changed and got another exception :(17:27
vezjakvin the next line: AttributeError: '_Cursor' object has no attribute 'extend'17:27
cedkvezjakv: I'm fixing it17:28
cedkvezjakv: fixed with rev 1adc47cb4ce017:39
vezjakvql, thnx a lot. I want to incorporate sl_SI translation asap17:39
vezjakvcedk: it works :)17:41
vezjakvcedk: 'Synchronize Translations' fail with:     assert isinstance(value, unicode) AssertionError17:43
vezjakvit seems False -> None issue?17:43
cedkvezjakv: update ir module17:45
cedkvezjakv: indeed just fixed with rev 9a353986b16817:47
motarocedk, sorry to bother you again, I installed the project_plan module when the daemon starts it registers the classes although on the client the choice to install it does not appear. What would you say it is?17:48
vezjakvcedk: great! now I have preconditions met for translations -- thnx again for ultra-fast fixes.17:50
vezjakvcedk: hmm, I've bad luck today: if I select a language different than English I get an exception at Synchronize Translations:18:01", line 1440, in do_update     'name': row['name'], KeyError: 'nam18:01
cedkvezjakv: lines?18:01
vezjakvlines? in src
cedkvezjakv: can not reproduce18:10
vezjakvcedk: u tried with different lang? ok. then it should on my side. sorry for disturbance18:11
vezjakvcedk: I've transfered .po from 2.8 branch, ``trytond -d dbname -u all``doesn't work anymore?18:14
cedkvezjakv: which Db are you using?18:15
cedkvezjakv: could you fill an issue because it works with PG18:16
vezjakvcedk: ok, it throws:", line 115, in run     raise Exception("'%s' is not a Tryton database!" % db_name) Exception: 'datatest' is not a Tryton database!18:17
vezjakvcedk: maybe one note: when executing Synchronize Translation, `` for row in cursor.dictfetchall()`` have keys like '"a"."name"' instead of "name". is this backend specific? i.e. sqlite?18:45
cedkvezjakv: yes, probably SQLite is not strictly conform18:47
cedkvezjakv: I guess it needs aliases18:48
vezjakvcedk: probably not an easy quick fix18:48
vezjakvcedk: maybe i need to switch to pg to continue18:49
cedkvezjakv: probably if you don't want to waste time on such tricky issue18:53
cedkvezjakv: but please report the bug18:54
vezjakvcedk: yes, of course18:54
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marc0sis it possible to display/hide a form tab depending on the value of a field?22:21
matjeI'm looking for a replacement for my openerp installation, while I can moan a lot about openerp it does do one thing right: my Belgian VAT reports. I find a reference here and there if I google it but nowhere a clear statement, does Tryton have this onboard / is there somebody working on it / can I help ?22:28
nicoematje: there is a belgian localization module:
matjeah, nice22:51
matjeis it fully functional?22:53
nicoematje: I don't know22:57
matjewell... there's only 1 way to find out I guess :)22:59
nicoeindeed :)23:10

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