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marc0sgood morning, is it possible to display/hide a form tab depending on the value of a field? Any example I can take a look at?09:50
jeancavallomarc0s: You can use the "states" attribute of the page element :
marc0sjeancavallo: i'm gonna take a look. thanks10:05
jvblascowhere can i find documentation for running trytond as an uptsart job in init.d in a virutalenv?12:35
jvblascoeverything i can find is related to django with gunicorn12:35
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sisalp1jvblasco: already proposed you an example of solution for this13:55
jvblascosisalp1: ok i'll try to understand the code then. No knowledge here in bash xP14:10
jvblascobtw where can i find the official tryton modules list?14:10
jvblascopip search trytond?14:10
jvblascocedk: thnx15:48
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