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shalabhaggarwalhi, do we have a US chart of accounts for tryton ?14:08
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sisalphello is there a field list price than is supposed to come on party form or sale order form when module is installed ?18:38
cedksisalp: which module?18:46
sisalpproduct price list18:46
cedksisalp: no18:46
cedksisalp: price list on sale is managed by sale_price_list18:47
sisalpcan we add a module on party form18:50
cedksisalp: sale_price_list also adds a default price list on party18:53
sarhugohi everyone20:32
sarhugoI'm trying to extend a model to modify the options available at a selection field20:33
sarhugoI'll appreciate any code snippet to see how to do it20:33
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