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cedksharoonthomas: we could perhaps get a cert from
sharoonthomascedk: saw it today from a hacker news article09:39
sharoonthomascedk: but i think the free one is only for individuals (not sure)09:40
sharoonthomascedk: so the question is do we qualify09:40
cedksharoonthomas: I have no idea09:40
sharoonthomasPilou: so its just for individuals10:05
Pilounot really10:06
sharoonthomasPilou: so you mean to say any of us could buy the certificate and the ownership would indicate the person who bought it rather than the organization (in this case the Tryton Software Foundation).10:54
PilouNot any of us but any member of the foundation (foundation 'administers the infrastructure'). An alias to a current administrator could be used. It doesn't prevent to use "complete & correct" "personal details" asked by startssl.11:02
Piloucedk: could i edit and add "The reviews related to new features are not reviewed one month before a release (freeze period) and XXX after" ?14:10
cedkPilou: I think it is already define in release process14:44
cedkPilou: but if you want14:45
Pilouso it will better to update and add a reference to ReleaseGeneral in HowtoContribute14:48
Pilouis there any "freeze after a release" period ?14:49
cedkPilou: no14:51
jeancavalloJust wondering, is there any standardized way to import both "Or" (for instance) from trytond.pyson and sql.operators ?16:49
cedkjeancavallo: use "|"16:49
jeancavallocedk: Ok16:50
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jeancavallocedk: I am also wondering if using "== None" rather than "is None" is needed when writing sql conditions ?17:39
nicoejeancavallo: yes it is18:15
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coogorsailinghello gents, quick question20:01
coogorsailingI did a first commit today to Do I have to do something additional to to let it show up?20:02
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