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vervsion32Is there anyone here who is familiar with accounting terminology in the UK?15:38
vervsion32I think what tryton calls a move, I would call a journal, and what tryton calls a journal I would call a ledger. Is that correct?15:42
cedkvervsion32: I don't think so15:43
vervsion32Thank you. I'll keep reading. :-)15:46
cedkvervsion32: normally, names should be standard15:49
cedkvervsion32: a move is an operation that debit some accounts and credit some others15:49
cedkvervsion32: a journal is where this operations are stored15:49
cedkvervsion32: and legder is all the operations15:50
vervsion32An operation that debits some accounts and credits others is what  I would call a journal. Just as a move is made up of move lines, and journal is made up of journal lines.15:51
vervsion32s/and journal/a journal/15:51
vervsion32All the journals(moves) which are related to sales are stored in the sales ledger(journal).15:53
cedkvervsion32: I have never hear someone using such naming15:53
vervsion32cedk: Thank you. The information is very helpful.16:01
jvblascowhere can i find some documentation about using proteus?17:35
jvblascoor example?17:43
cedkjvblasco: or in any test scenario of modules18:14
jvblascocedk: thnx so much, as alway ;)18:22
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