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WalterNlets try installing tryton for my first time04:56
WalterNACTION holds breath04:57
WalterNits not in the debian repositories?04:58
WalterNoh yeah it is04:58
WalterNwhat is tryton-neso and tryton-proteus?04:59
WalterNis it generally not a good idea to install tryton-modules-all?05:09
plantianneso = tryton + trytond, proteus is a client library for accessing trytond programmatically05:19
plantianWalterN: I think when you actually start using tryton you will want to only install the moduels you want.  For trying it out though it probably does not matter.05:19
WalterNplantian: I'm setting it up for a startup company...05:28
WalterNand I've never used tryton before... heh05:29
WalterNits for a machine shop05:29
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WalterNplantian: how do I know what modules I want?20:41
plantianWalterN: well some modules are specific to other countries, and then some things you won't need depending on your accounting20:43
plantianWalterN: Do you think you will be writing custom modules?20:44
WalterNplantian: enh, no... at least not for a few years... heh22:07
WalterNplantian: the thing is that the company I joined is a startup machine shop... right now its just me and two other guys who own it. I'm just trying to figure out what to set up on the computer to keep track of everything22:13
WalterNand I dont know what most of these modules do22:14
WalterNsuppose I could start here...
WalterNare there any that I should stay away from, or any that is highly suggested?22:23
b0r7mhm depends.. i would say start with party,account and sale but it depends on your usecase, there are no modules you should stay away from..22:32
b0r7each one has a usecase and puropose22:33
b0r7and maybe stock module, note that each has its documentation page:
plantianWalterN, b0r7: I guess the main issue I've had is that uninstalling modules is not that easy and managing the upgrade and configuration of many modules I did not use was difficult for me.22:52
plantianI use mainly the stock and sale modules.22:52
plantianAnd their extensions.22:52
WalterNwill it do what quickbooks does?23:04
WalterNI mean23:04
WalterNI donno what I mean... heh..23:05
WalterNI guess I'm wondering if there is a module or two that would compose of a good replacement to quickbooks23:11
b0r7WalterN: i would say you'll have to give it a try.. basic uses work out of the box .. i'd say.. costumization is apparently not as easy as in (i assume) quickbooks .. as tryton is young and as the website states a framework (to build up on).. disclaimer: i'm new to tryton as well and building a workflow for a friend's company23:22
WalterNthis stuff is all new to us23:41
WalterNrunning a business, accounting, owning machines... just trying to figure out stuff23:41

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