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tessierHello all! How does Tryton compare with OpenERP?11:53
tessierThey both seem to be Python based FOSS ERP systems.11:53
Piloudid you read & ?11:55
craigbass1976Hey folks.Is the community looking for any help with documentation?16:33
craigbass1976And is there a live demo anywhere?16:34
cedkcraigbass1976: and yes help on documentation is welcome16:44
craigbass1976cedk, I'm getting this itch to try and replace our proprietary java/mysql erp with something better.  I'm at a lumber yard, so there are some wonky procedures (turning board feet purchases into per piece selling items) and I'd need to figure out a POS/payment gateway.16:49
craigbass1976cedk, I don't code python, so I'd only be useful to the community by documenting my process.16:51
cedkcraigbass1976: in the main repo, there should be only generic procedure/documentation17:01
cedkcraigbass1976: but of course you are free to document your process and we will see what could be included17:01
craigbass1976cedk, tryton -s -p 8000 ?17:47
cedkcraigbass1976: yes17:49
SpartanWarriorhiya guise, anyone with experience on trytond-nereid (and/or trytond-nereid-project)?!18:34
SpartanWarriornobody? :(20:28

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