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kotekAnyone has a dream to help me out: ?08:41
kotekOk, nailed it.08:55
kotekIs there a list of reports that are needed in tryton?09:20
katrkotek: What do you mean by needed?09:52
kotekThose, which lack of makes tryton not considered as an alternative for commercial software. :P09:55
katrkotek: That depends on your requirements.09:59
kotekI'm asking about requirements of other users... :D10:01
katrkotek: Reports can usually be developed quite fast. What is more critical is the business logic.10:01
kotekI don't have either experience and mana for business logic, so I'd like to put hands into reports. :D10:02
katrkatr: I think the standard modules came with most of the important reports but they are quite basic. So there is more need to adapt them to your needs.10:09
katrkatr: From the standard modules of Tryton I mostly use the accounting modules. What I'm missing there is a printable P&L, balance sheet and an open items list.10:13
katrkotek: I should not auto-complete to my own nickname :).10:14
katrProfit and loss10:15
katrkotek: But there are a lot more production and warehouse management modules, so maybe they are missing some important reports.10:17
kotekOpenERP has this cool thingie, that it is able to print every screen.10:19
katrkotek: IIRC that was nearly usable, because it chooses the same width for all columns, so some content gets cut-off etc.10:25
katrkotek: In Tryton you can cut and paste from every list into a spreadsheet like Excel. This makes a lot more sense IMO.10:27
kotekIt's also good.10:28
kotekHmm... Neso 3.0 don't want to show created databases...10:28
katrkatr: Never used Neso, so I'm afraid I can't help you with that.10:29
motaroI keep having an error that the country module can't be found. When I upgraded to version 3.0 any ideas anyone.13:39
kotekRemove older version of country module.14:03
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