IRC logs of #tryton for Sunday, 2013-12-01 #tryton log beginning Sun Dec 1 00:00:03 CET 2013
FWiesingI'm just trying to install a VM with Tryton 3.0 - I want to install tryton-server but the dependency python-sql is missing. This package cannot be found in the tryton packages? Has the name changed?12:04
FWiesingcan sombody give a hint? thx.12:04
FWiesingOh - I forgot - I'm using debian wheezy12:04
FWiesingand a correction to the question before - I can't find the package "python-sql" in the debian packages.12:06
cedkFWiesing: for info about Tryton and debian:
yangoon1FWiesing: python-sql just went to unstable12:11
yangoon1FWiesing: and then the comment of cedk12:11
FWiesingthx a lot - I forget to check the unstable packages12:12
yangooncedk: Did you succeed in synchronizing the video captures from TUB? I would really like to see this stuff18:09
yangoonso any effort in this direction very much appreciated18:09
cedkyangoon: not yet had time18:12
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