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motaroIs anybody aware if there's a Gantt chart?17:54
cedkmotaro: there is none but should not be too difficult to write a png one17:56
motarocedk, thanks I'll go for that.17:56
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guillemNaNcedk: hi cedk, can I manipulate a python-sql query object modifying the 'params' attribute or I have to redefine the query?18:33
cedkguillemNaN: params is a property18:46
guillemNaNcedk: I found how to change what I want (the states of moves)18:51
guillemNaNcedk: but the where clause for input and output moves is the same object, so I can't define a diferent filter over move's state for inputs than outputs :-(18:52
guillemNaNcedk: we need the "not assigned stock": stock computing done input moves and done+assigned output moves18:53
guillemNaNcedk: python-sql objects doesn't have an easy way to copy them, it do?18:53
cedkguillemNaN: no20:02
motarocedk, earlier you told me to write a solution for a gantt chart, is there an example of something that resembles it to have an idea. Thank you.22:19
cedkmotaro: I remember there was in the past such script in TinyERP22:21
cedkmotaro: probably not the best:
cedkmotaro: example with matplotlib:
cedkmotaro: also
motarook thanks let me take a look.22:32

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