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iamnoobhi, in a many2many ... is there a way where i can select all the data after i filter it? i mean like a select all button?08:30
corroiamnoob: you mean something like ctrl-a?09:02
iamnoobcorro: yes09:31
jeancavalloiamnoob: I might be wrong, but I think that selecting all with Ctrl-a then validating, it should add all selected records in the 2M10:09
jeancavalloiamnoob: M2M*10:10
iamnoobjeancavallo: yes that would work. but im trying to find a much more easier approach to it. well for a system where user's are not computer smart.10:26
nicoeiamnoob: CTRL-a is a pretty standard shortcut10:31
cedkiamnoob: train your users, everyone will benefit10:36
iamnooball: yeah i think that would be the best thing to do. anyway thanks to all10:46
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sharoonthomasPilou: both the pull requests seem to have failed13:40
sharoonthomascedk: any idea what could be the reason for this issue:
cedksharoonthomas: no14:16
sharoonthomascedk: its a critical bug IMO14:17
cedksharoonthomas: if you say14:19
cedksharoonthomas: but I don't think, I think it only affect project14:24
sharoonthomascedk: then its fine, I think we will try to debug14:24
cedksharoonthomas: need to be tested14:26
cedksharoonthomas: and a test for active in trytond will be welcomed14:27
sharoonthomascedk: cool14:31
Pilousharoonthomas: my pull requests seem superseeded by ;)14:55
sharoonthomasPilou: yes, i figured, and the reason it has not been merged is it fails one test:
sharoonthomaswhich is what i was just talking about with cedk14:56
Pilouis it possible to run the tests locally ?14:57
sharoonthomaspilou: yes python test14:58
sharoonthomasPilou: there are 42 tests ;)14:58
sharoonthomasPilou: so you might want to run them separately in which case just call python tests/test_file_name.py15:02
Pilouok thanks !15:02
cedkpokoli: would you like to get push access?16:57
pokolicedk: yes, If you think that i deserve it why not16:58
cedkpokoli: I think, you should general interest on improving Tryton17:01
cedkpokoli: send me your public ssh key17:01
cedkpokoli: pokoli as username is ok for you?17:05
pokolicedk: yes, it's the only one i use17:06
cedkpokoli: now you should be able to push using ssh and your key17:24
cedkpokoli: could you add yourself to
pokolicedk: should I add me as a contact?17:33
cedkpokoli: yes17:34
pokolicedk: which is the username for pushing?17:38
cedkpokoli: pokoli17:42
pokolicedk: done, i've pushed stock review without problems17:44
pokolicedk: should I close the issue or do you want to backport to 2.8?17:44
cedkpokoli: backporting doesn't depend on the issue state17:47
cedkpokoli: so yes mark it as resolved17:47
pokolicedk: done :)17:48
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cedkpokoli: you also can push on sao18:33
pokolicedk: great :D18:33
pokolicedk: which is the route for pushing in sao? tried with sandbox/sao but give me Illegal repository error :(19:23
cedkpokoli: should be fixed19:24
pokolicedk: perfect! Thanks19:25
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