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2013-12-29 18:02 <acu2> hello everyone
2013-12-29 18:03 <acu2> I know, probably this question was asked 1000 times - I wonder, is there a coherent plan to have web interface to tryton ?
2013-12-29 18:05 <acu2> is there anything that can be learned from OpenERP ? with all it's questionable shortcomings - is still open source, so it means perhaps there is a chance to look in how a proper web interface can be built ?
2013-12-29 18:05 <acu2> I am pretty sure that you guys have thought about building and connecting perhaps with proper web frameworks - perhaps Django ?
2013-12-29 18:56 <vezjakv> hi all, maybe some help needed for my attempt populate common data (predefined sequences, party/product categories, ...) using trytond module. I've tried w/ <record> but these records cannot be edited later via client.
2013-12-29 19:01 <vezjakv> is there a way to import records via module except module's .xml and be mutable after import...
2013-12-29 19:06 <vezjakv> one way would be w/ proteus, but I find a module packaging convenient way for including common data, especially for region/country specific records similar to account_<locale>, but it should be mutable after import
2013-12-29 19:29 <Pilou> vezjakv: there are many ways to import data: xml files (data are readonly), proteus (not very efficient), a python script with "import trytond" (efficient), CSV files and the Tryton client:
2013-12-29 19:33 <vezjakv> Pilou: thanks for pointers, is there a sample module which imports like you suggested 'python script with "import trytond"', I've tried xml, proteus and csv approaches, but I would like to 'package/distribute' as module
2013-12-29 19:35 <vezjakv> Pilou: I started with Pool/Transaction and I don't know how to pull out db, user in module environment since I don't extend/add any model ...
2013-12-29 22:55 <Pilou> vezjakv: some code is available here:
2013-12-29 23:00 <vezjakv> Pilou: ahh, now I remember this wiki page, thanx for a tip :)

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