IRC logs of #tryton for Wednesday, 2014-01-01 #tryton log beginning Wed Jan 1 00:00:01 CET 2014
trytontestuserhi all14:27
trytontestuseri installed neso 3.0 on windows and added a db. but how is my user and password?14:29
yangoon1trytontestuser: when creating the db, you are asked for the password of user 'admin'14:35
trytontestuserah, admin not administrator14:37
trytontestuserthank you yangoon114:40
yangoon1trytontestuser: welcome14:41
dada-pHi, I'm trying to implement 'order template' functionality - otherwise called 'standing order': when daily orders can be quickly entered based on a customer/day of the week template. Manually making a copy of an order can work but in that case some order might be missed. So I'm looking for a module for that before I start to make it myself. In Open17:45
dada-pERP I did it by adding another state in sale workflow plus tweaking of the views. I'm new to tryton so I'm wonder if same approach could be used there?17:45

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