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grasbauer@all: Happy New Year22:21
grasbauerif you are using gregorian calendar ;)22:23
grasbauercedk: silent ping22:23
grasbauer@all: We are developing a complex module - tests are included but sometimes a not handled exception occurs22:25
grasbauernow we are thinking about caching it before ErrorDialog, raising UserError and sending a automated mail to our tracker - someone has already done this?22:27
grasbauercaching = catch22:27
cedkgrasbauer: what is the error?22:42
grasbauercedk: there are possible errors - we have aquired some testers - they are trying to send bugs to the official bug tracker of tryton - but we want to handle them our self22:44
grasbauercedk: still thinking about a own rpc-server, which will handle the errors for us22:45
cedkgrasbauer: you can configure the client to send bugreport to any xml-rpc server22:52
grasbauercedk: ok - but so I have to take care to bundle my own client ...22:53
cedkgrasbauer: it is the roundup.xmlrpc parameter in tryton.conf22:54
cedkgrasbauer: no to configure the client22:54
grasbauercedk: ok - thanks. Could be a feature to have this as a setting in the gui22:55
cedkgrasbauer: don't think it must be exposed to user22:56
grasbauercedk: you are right - our usecase is not very common - we aquire testers - they are using a development system and we need fast feedback22:58

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