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acuis anybody around and awake ?02:00
acuI wonder about web interface to tryton ?02:00
acuIs there one ?02:01
Pilouacu: see (tryton client) or (web framework for tryton)02:01
acuHello Pilou: thanks for the links02:02
acuI really want badly to use Tryton and not OpenERP, however the gap is just so big, and web interface for clients is a sine qua non condition for any modern solution02:02
cedkacu: so help is welcome on sao02:04
Pilouas far as i known, tryton web client is not released yet02:04
acuI am looking at the links -  Nereid is based on flask, I wish it was django :)02:05
cedkacu: that's make no sense02:06
acucedk why, django is a python web framework of significance02:06
cedkacu: because if you want django do all with it and you don't need of Tryton02:08
Pilouacu: see & (another web framework for Tryton, developed by one core developer of Tryton, not released yet)02:08
cedkacu: it is like asking to use  django with SQLAlchemy02:15
acucedk: I certainly have to learn / understand tryton architecture, I know there is no erp in django. I know though that django as framework has plenty of applications/modules which are coherently integrated  - perhaps even a cms such as mezzanine or django-cms - with their corresponding modules (including ecommerce), perhaps could be useful - but I am certain you have explored it, and perhaps you found a more suitable route for web in02:46
acufrastructure for tryton02:46
acuI am reading now the links Pilou gave me02:47
acuI would like to know what is the vision and strategy for web infrastructure to stay on top of tryton ? Do you plan to do one from scratch ? Or you plan using existing ones, and integrate them ?03:02
jimcooncathi, how to log in to demo please?13:42
jimcooncat[Errno -2] Name or service not known13:43
jimcooncatDatabase: demo2.213:44
cedkjimcooncat: demo2.2 was shutdown when 2.8 was released13:45
jimcooncatthanks cedk. I always have these problems running debian stable.13:47
jimcooncatI just can't keep up.13:47
cedkjimcooncat: take a look at
jimcooncatcedk thanks much!14:10
jimcooncatcedk would you suggest I use 3.0 or 2.8?14:13
b0r7hello. is ist possible to have for different e.g. sales states .. (for easier theming purposes)?15:39
zodmanlike django enthusiast for long time, flask is the correct way to integrate with tryton ... i had said!20:56
zodmanups the conversation was yesterday.20:57
cedkzodman: or any micro web framework21:02
cedkzodman: pyramid, werkzeug, bottle etc.21:04

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