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jeancavalloHello all... I am trying to write a doctest which uses a postgresql database as a backend. I wrote a proteus script that behaves as expected. But once I convert it to rst, the database creation fails (translation unique key conflict). It happens whether I set config.pool.test or not.09:44
jeancavalloAny idea / clue as to where to look ?09:44
pokolijeancavallo: I don't know how to help you, but I'm a bit curious why you need postgresql doctest :)12:01
nicoepokoli: I use postgresql doctests because it creates a database with data already filled for me when I want to debug something12:08
jeancavallopokoli: We are using some advanced postgres features that are not available on sqlite14:03
pokolijeancavallo: I understand. So for this reason babi is currently missing test14:06
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