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incitonetworkscan use a v3 client to connect to a server v2.2 ?00:56
smarroincitonetworks: no00:58
incitonetworksI am completly new to tryton. Have installed on debian 7 using packages that come with debian. Have created postgres user and db. set config file with postgres details01:03
incitonetworksI have set the jsonrpc to my hostname:8000 and the hostname_jsonrpc to my hostname01:03
incitonetworksI get could not connect to server when adding profile in client on mac01:04
incitonetworkswhat could be wrong?01:04
smarroincitonetworks: try with jsonrpc = *:8000 in the trytond.conf file01:09
incitonetworksthat worked !01:10
incitonetworksshould I leave it at that?01:10
smarroyes, in that way you can access the server from other terminals01:10
incitonetworkscool thanks for all help01:11
incitonetworkswhen I create profile it gives me option to create db when I click and fill next screen it doesn't accept my password for tryton server and then hangs01:15
incitonetworksah I didn't initialize my db doing it now01:23
smarrothe first password, by default it's admin (unless you have changed in trytond.conf)01:45
incitonetworksthanks smarro01:49
incitonetworksgot it working now01:49
incitonetworksonly question I have is there a rest api or anything the tryton server has which other apps can use to send and receive data to tryton ?01:50
smarroyou can do remote calls to tryton server using json-rpc or xml-rpc02:07
smarrotake a look at and
incitonetworkshow do I remove a module?03:11
incitonetworksclean install so not worried about data loss03:11
incitonetworksdeleted db and started again03:41
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jwhisnantI was trying to look at a web client for tryton but I am confused.  I think I need to git clone tryton/sao, and edit trytond.conf - but I am confused by the specifics.17:59
jeancavallojwhisnant: What specifics are you talking about ?17:59
cedkjwhisnant: we use mercurial18:00
jwhisnantcedk: I assume mirror is up to date (enough)18:00
jwhisnantjeancavallo: I may have misread and set incorrect config variable, let me retry ...18:01
jeancavallojwhisnant: The mirror is not "official" and is maintained by a member of the community.18:01
cedkjwhisnant: which mirror ?18:02
jeancavallojwhisnant: The latest version is
jeancavallocedk: Sharron set up a github mirror18:02
jeancavallocedk: Sharoon*18:02
cedkjeancavallo: I can not know about which mirror jwhisnant is talking18:03
jwhisnantok, once I hg ... /src/sao; then do I just need to edit trytond.conf and set jsondata_path = /src/sao ? will this work with the demo database?18:03
jeancavallojwhisnant: You need to set up npm and grunt18:03
jeancavallojwhisnant: See for instance
jwhisnantjeancavallo: oh, I could not tell if those were developer tools for contributing; or required for sao itself18:05
jeancavallojwhisnant: sao is not yet considered fully functional and miss some (though non essential) functionality compared to the gtk client18:05
cedkjwhisnant: sao needs to be compiled into one js file18:06
jwhisnantI am a python developer and I am trying to see if tryton is a good fit for my needs.  Our employer is moving from (antiquated system) to PeopleSoft.  So we are going to receive XML files of department relevant transactions.18:07
jwhisnantSo my main questions are - does the tryton data model fit well with Peoplesoft?  Is it relatively easy to convert or extract a GUI generated report query to get SQL query (might be able to snag this from SQL database logging).18:08
cedkjwhisnant: don't understand any thing18:10
jeancavallojwhisnant: I cannot tell for PeopleSoft. Regarding your question about queries, I would say it rather easy.18:13
jeancavallojwhisnant: As a python developer, you might be interested in looking into proteus, which is a python client library used for accessing the server18:14
jwhisnantjeancavallo: The GUI looks like a better way for our users (or developers for users) to generate these reports; thanks I will look at proteus.18:14
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