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jon1012someone interfaced the tryton pos to magento ?13:08
Piloujon1012: see
Piloujon1012: oh wait it's not for tryton, sorry :-/13:30
PilouIn fact openlabs/mangento project is listed here, it seems you could use openlabs/project in a custom module13:39
cedkjon1012, Pilou: imagento is not opensource as far as I see13:56
grasbauerpokoli, rmu: dont know if search_rec_name is faster with the code provided by rmu - but it works13:58
pokoligrasbauer: but before you got errors, so it must be faster :)14:00
grasbauerpokoli, rmu: no errors - cpu was on 300% - but I guess that was because of an not uptodate index14:01
pokoligrasbauer: could you test it by removing the new code?14:02
yangoongrasbauer great cpu, where did you get it;)?14:02
grasbaueryangoon: ;)14:05
Piloucedk: indeed. jon1012: but there is too. I missed that one :)14:09
jon1012I'll check :)14:39
jon1012if I find a way to use tryton for my pos solution, I'll owe you guys a couple of beers14:42
grasbauerpokoli, rmu: no difference with the OR14:49
grasbauerpokoli, rmu: my temporary solution: check in search_rec_name if len(clause[2]) > 615:23
grasbauerpokoli, rmu: better solution could be to remove wildcards if len(clause[2]) <3 - if there is a product with a short code15:27
grasbauernicoe: what do you think about a minimal length for applying wildcards to search_rec_name? Because typing one common letter in a big product table results in to much hits...15:31
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pokoligrasbauer: maybe get_rec name search must be limited to 10 records only18:47
cedkpokoli, grasbauer: by the way, this do the work for account module:
pokolicedk: i suspect that nobody has 200.000 records in the account table :)18:52
cedkpokoli, grasbauer: patch is about OR18:53
pokolicedk: i see, but grasbauer says that there is no diference with the OR and without the or18:53
cedkpokoli: depend how you measure it18:55
cedkpokoli: but for sure, it reduce the number of queries18:55
pokolicedk: agree, so you will be in flavor to replace the old code with new OR format in all tryton modules?18:57
grasbauercedk: I tried with or - for me the replacement of the wildcards was the solution: if there is only one common letter in the clause, i get 50.000 hits. making them to active record could be the bottleneck - so, if there is a product with a one-letter-code you will find that, but searching men18:58
grasbauerans to know at least 2 letters :)18:58
cedkpokoli: yes18:58
cedkgrasbauer: completion waits 300 msec before querying so if you are typing something it should not query for the first letters19:00
cedkexcept if you type very slowly but so you don't care about fast answer19:00
cedkby the way, search is limited by the client.limit which is 1000 by default19:01
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grasbauercedk: ok -  I rewrite the domain like in account - its much faster now - first i didnt return the doamin, i returned ids19:05
cedkgrasbauer: you should also think about adding a Trigram index:
grasbauercedk: ok19:07
cedkgrasbauer: ha ok, it is the usage of id in [] which is a performance killer19:09
grasbauercedk: so my first try with the OR but returning the ids didn't the trick - returning the domain it did19:10
cedkgrasbauer: have you measurement?19:11
grasbauercedk: impossible - the process was getting crazy, heavy cpu load and a roring fan :)  so the 2nd solution its the better choice19:14
rmugrasbauer: i did write "return ['OR', ..." ;-)19:24
grasbauerrmu: so I messed up my time because of bad reading :(19:25

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