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jwhisnanthellhound: so what do you think of tryton in general terms?  I tried to install it for some testing and found it rather difficult to setup and use via the GUI.22:00
hellhoundjwhisnant: it's not that diffucult when you get the hang of it22:01
hellhoundjwhisnant: I'm currently building a cloud-based client for it22:01
jwhisnanthellhound: I just started with the GUI which kept complaining that an some item was not setup, and I couldn't find a way to do so22:02
hellhoundwhich was?22:02
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jwhisnanthonestly, I don't remember :)  It seemed like the framework might be too complex and integrated since I only need a smaller piece.22:04
hellhoundjwhisnant: which module where you trying to test maybe I could be of some help :D22:15
jwhisnantI was just starting with the ubuntu package; configure postgres database, and get started with the GUI to see what it did22:17
jwhisnantI think I have given up on tryton since it may not fit my use case well enough22:18
hellhoundjwhisnant: hmm how did you install trytond, via pip, easy_install?22:19
jwhisnantI think I went with aptitude install ...22:20
hellhoundjwhisnant: it's possible that you needed extra tryton modules to satisfy your needs22:20
hellhoundjwhisnant: IMHO I prefer to install python packages/modules directly from the python index22:21
hellhoundjwhisnant: ubuntu's repos tend to be outdated22:21
hellhoundat least for some python modules22:21
jwhisnantsame here ... I might have used pip22:22
hellhoundjwhisnant: so you just installed trytond and tryon, am I correct? those are the basic requirements22:23
jwhisnantyes, no extras22:23
hellhoundjwhisnant: just to give you an example, you can get basic accounting processes from trytond-account22:23
hellhoundjwhisnant: then you can't do much with tryton22:24

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